The news you’ve been waiting to hear! PropellerAds is launching a completely new Ad format – Push Notifications.

Previously used by leading global brands only as a content delivery channel, Push Notifications are now a premium advertising tool. Developed by PropellerAds specifically to accommodate the needs of advertisers, push notifications allow your business to reach clients and potential customers directly, avoiding intermediaries like banners or social media.

What do they look like? Push notification is a short alert message with an icon that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device.


Here’s an example of how mobile push notifications can look on your client’s device:

How can you benefit from Push Notifications?

Let’s start with the fact that Push notifications are an entirely new Ad format, yet it spreads at a lightning pace with our database currently totaling 350 million unique users.

Is the user database the only factor, defining the success of the Ad format? No, and that’s precisely why there are so many additional benefits, the advertiser can take advantage of:

1. Less fraud-vulnerable than most of the common formats

The user knowingly agrees to receive push notifications and has to subscribe to a website’s notifications. Clearly, Push messages are interactive, so they require more complicated actions from users.

Even though none ad format can be called totally fraud-free, Push is known as a harder nut for cheaters – not all bots are sophisticated enough to mimic human behavior successfully, which increases your ad safety.


To maintain the non-intrusive nature of push notifications, customers receive only a limited number of notifications a day with an option to unsubscribe at any given moment. These factors ensure high-quality traffic and authentic audiences for your campaigns.

2. Exceptional reach and performance

Your message appears right on the user’s device or browser, ensuring maximum viewability and a very high Click-Through Rate (CTR), compared to more conventional ad formats.

One of the most amazing features of push notifications is that they are delivered to the user even when he is not browsing the website, driving exceptional reach and efficiency for every push notification campaign you launch.

3. Boosts your customer acquisition efforts

Using web push notifications has untapped potential for customer acquisition. With this new Ad format, you get global market access and can target not only your existing clients but reach new users worldwide.

What is more, we have a brand new feature for precise demographic and interests targeting – PropellerAds Audiences. With its help, you can choose the relevant user groups by interests, age, and gender to ensure that the right eyes will see your offers:


Unlike most of the available in the market push notifications services, PropellerAds has a full range of push notifications options, allowing you to target users on every platform and device; including web and mobile push notifications.

4. Engaged audience and higher retention

Push notifications are in essence a new generation of native ads, being native not just to the website content, but native to user interests. With push notifications, you are getting an audience that is genuinely interested in the product you present.

Push notifications are also a great way to remind your existing clients of your product or services. It’s been proved that regularly sent notifications increase the retention rate by 20%.

5. Unique customization options and instant delivery

Over a million messages can be sent almost instantly to the audience worldwide. The speed of delivery is enhanced with advanced customization options: you can select when your user would see the message (it’s important especially if we are talking about offers or crucial sporting events), add visuals, and emoji.


What’s the difference between web push notifications and app push notifications?

Although they look almost identical, the mechanism behind the process is completely different.

App push notifications are sent straight from an app, and that makes it a prerequisite for an advertiser to have an app. But what if you don’t have an app?

That’s when web push notifications come into play. By the way, if you are looking for a service to send web push notifications even if you don’t have an app, consider our partners – Notix.

And if you do have your own app, you can drive additional Installations to that app by using Push Notification Ads!

What can you promote with Push Notifications?

Push notifications are a universal ad format that works with any type of products, services, and CPA offers. It opens broad possibilities for content promotion should it be an offer, announcement, website update, or a brand awareness campaign.

Here are some content ideas for your push notifications:

  •      Special offers and promos
  •      News and content updates
  •      Alerts, based on geolocation
  •      eCommerce updates: sales & discounts announcements
  •      Downloadables: eBooks, check-lists, templates
  •      Mobile apps promos to increase installs
  •      Freebies (like sweepstakes, etc.)

As you can see, push notifications are a great way to reach your customers directly. This ad format adds more diversity to your marketing mix, and it’s essential for the consistent long-term growth of your business.

How to start Push Notifications campaign via our platform?

The new format is already available for CPM campaigns on our Self-Service Platform. Simply click the “Create Campaign” button and then select the Ad Format “Push Notifications” (as shown on the screenshot below).

How Not To Screw Up Launching Push Campaigns: Part I


Then pick Classic Push:


Set your pricing model:


Decide if you want PropellerAds traffic only or third-party traffic, as well (pick the Premium Zones option below to receive the most profitable flows):


Decide which User Activity group (High, Medium, or Low) suits your campaign. 

Pro tip: Due to our last traffic distribution efforts, not only highly active, but also less active users can bring significant income. 


Then set the desired bid and offer-related GEOs:


And proceed with other targeting settings to make your campaign really striking. Don’t forget to check PropellerAds Audiences in action!


Voila! You are ready to earn some cash with your Push campaign. As easy as that.

Now you know everything about Push format and the only thing left is to try them out right now!

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