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Olya Mikheeva

With a vast experience in creating selling texts, blog articles, and promos, Olya is well-versed in the iGaming industry. After years of work as a senior copywriter and editor in the sweepstakes vertical, she knows the ins and outs of online bookmakers, casinos, and their traffic monetization. With a particular passion for explaining complicated things in a simple way, Olya loves delivering useful and entertaining content for beginners and pros.

How US elections affect the world traffic?
Ad Trends

US Presidential Elections: Will They Affect Web Traffic?

Will US elections affect traffic? What verticals might rise during the Elections date, and what is going to happen with traffic overall?

Banned campaigns and advertisers in 2023
Platform Updates

Still No Mercy for Fraud: Banned Campaigns 2023 [Infographics]

Our policy team works 24/7 to protect our traffic from any scam, fraud, and illegal content. Look at our annual banned campaigns report!

Do media buyers need media planning? What is a media plan?
Tutorials for Beginners

Ask Media Buyers: Do I Need a Media Plan? 

What is a media plan and do you need it as a media buyer? We asked PropellerAds partners and they shared top media planning insights.

Performance marketing guide from PropellerAds
Tutorials for Beginners

The B2B Performance Marketing Guide: Basic Strategy and Tips

What is B2B performance marketing and what are its best practices? We prepared this guide explaining the basics.

Case Studies

How To Find and Test CPA Offers To Earn $2,000? [Case Study]

The afflift contest winner shared great insights on how to find a CPA offer that will bring real profit. Read about the searching and testing process.

eCommerce offers during Lunar New Year

eCommerce Offers During Lunar New Year 2024: How to Increase Your Sales?

How to boost your eCommerce campaign during the Lunar New Year 2024? Here is a quick guide with real offers and creatives to get prepared.

How to add your media buyer certificate to LinkedIn
Media Buying

How To Add Your PropellerAds Media Buyer Certificate to your LinkedIn account?

Passed PropellerAds exam and got your media buyer certificate? Awesome! Now it's time to share it with your LinkedIn contacts: here is the guide.

Mobile content offers in indonesia.
Case Studies

In-Page Push + Mobile Content Offers + Indonesia: 6 Hacks, 2549 conversions [Case Study]

A case study from our partner who shared all nuts and bolts of working with mobile content offers and PropellerAds trafffic.

what is a good ctr
Tutorials for Beginners

What is a Good Click-Through Rate, and Is It Important for Your Campaigns?

What is a good click-through rate and why is it important for media buyers and affiliate marketers? Here we give tips on how to boost CTR

igaming campaigns
Ad Trends

Media Buying Front Kick: How to Run iGaming Campaigns for MMA and Boxing?

Big fight night means big profits — if you run the right MMA and boxing iGaming campaigns. We'll show you how in this quick guide

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