Media Buying

How digital media buying works, how to purchase ads to meet your conversion goals, and how to develop a paid media strategy for ad-buying platforms.

Wait till it works: patience in your media buying campaigns

Afflift Contest: Using Patience to Turn a Campaign From Red to Green

How to make a campaign profitable? How much does it take before your tracker goes green? We show it in this Afflift contest case study.

How to add your media buyer certificate to LinkedIn

How To Add Your PropellerAds Media Buyer Certificate to your LinkedIn account?

Passed PropellerAds exam and got your media buyer certificate? Awesome! Now it's time to share it with your LinkedIn contacts: here is the guide.

Propeller ads media buyer certification.

PropellerAds Media Buyer Certification: Become a Certified Expert

PropellerAds Media Buyer Certification (MBC), an assessment test to evaluate your skills with our multisource advertising campaign management platform.

igaming campaigns

Media Buying Front Kick: How to Run iGaming Campaigns for MMA and Boxing?

Big fight night means big profits — if you run the right MMA and boxing iGaming campaigns. We'll show you how in this quick guide

overheated auctions

Overheated Auctions & Media Buying: What are They and How to Deal With Them?

What shall you do when the programmatic ad auction is overheated? What are the signs of overheated auctions and how to beat them? Here is the full guide.

media buying trends

Go Bright: Holi Festival and Media Buying Trends

Holi festival is a great time to launch a campaign. How to prepare? Which offer to choose? How to make your creatives strike?