Media Buying

How digital media buying works, how to purchase ads to meet your conversion goals, and how to develop a paid media strategy for ad-buying platforms.


iGaming Payment Methods in Brazil: PIX, Visa, Wallets?

Discover top iGaming payment methods in Brazil, including PIX, Visa, and digital wallets. Optimize your ad campaigns for the Brazilian market

PropellerAds-What is Lead

What is a Lead? Definitions and Tips for Handling Different Types of Leads

Learn what a lead is in marketing and sales. Discover the different types of leads, how to qualify them, and effective strategies for converting leads into customers.

PropellerAds -iGaming-Content-Strategy

iGaming Content Strategy: Expert Insights

Discover expert insights and top SEO tips for a winning iGaming content strategy. Learn how to create high-quality iGaming content.

I get no traffic

My Campaign Doesn’t Get Traffic: What Do I Do?

Your campaign doesn't get traffic, or you want much more? Or maybe you receive too much traffic? We give the solutions here.

what is conversion rate?

Conversion Rate: What Is It and How to Boost It?

What is conversion rate in marketing? Learn why is it important for your business growth, how to measure it, and how to optimize it via CRO.

Wait till it works: patience in your media buying campaigns

Afflift Contest: Using Patience to Turn a Campaign From Red to Green

How to make a campaign profitable? How much does it take before your tracker goes green? We show it in this Afflift contest case study.

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