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barbie marketing mania featured image

Barbie Marketing Mania: How to Add Some Glitter to Your Ad Campaigns?

Unleash the sparkle with Barbie-inspired marketing tips. Elevate your ad game and captivate audiences with glittering campaigns!

across the formats verse

Across the Format-Verse: What are You Better At — Running Campaigns or Superheroes Movies?

Have you watched the new Spiderman movie? Here is our edition: meet the Across-The-Format quiz for seasoned affiliate marketers

5 top ai-copywriting tools

5 Top AI-Copywriting Tools 2024 [Chat GPT Included] + Quiz

Modern AI allows to create nice copies not that easy to distinguish from the ones written by humans. Let’s discuss top AI-copywriting tools in 2024!

PropellerADs -Halloween -Monetization-Quiz

[Monetization Quiz] Can You Avoid These Scary Mistakes?

We asked our account managers about publishers' most popular problems and typical questions. And we made a quiz. Yes, another quiz (guilty)


What Does the Magical Oracle Say? Find out Your Affiliate Marketing Destiny

Unveil your future in affiliate marketing. Let the Magical Oracle reveal your path to success and prosperity. Find out now!


Mercury Retrograde: Does It Affect Traffic and Profits? [Real Stats Inside]

Does Mercury Retrograde affect your monetization efforts? Our humorous research includes real stats of PropellerAds publishers during this period

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