Across the Format-Verse: What are You Better At — Running Campaigns or Superheroes Movies?

across the formats verse

While the whole world is buzzing around the new Spiderman blockbuster, we also have something to boast about! To name a few, there’s a banger called Survey Exit ads — the exclusive format for the most engaged audience and premium traffic. 

Okay, we don’t want to be the party killers if you read the title and were set to find something about the new Spiderman.

Let’s mix business with pleasure, as they say, — and find out who you are from the SpiderMan multiverse… if all these superheroes were affiliate marketers 🙂

Most of the quiz questions are about Survey Exit — yes, we want to know how attentive you have been lately when reading our blog! But don’t worry; there are a couple of other topics — so anyone can carry this game.

Great, enough of the intro — here we go.

And no matter what your results are — you are welcome to join PropellerAds…


…and our cozy Telegram Chat for media buyers and affiliate marketers.


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