Push Traffic

The alpha and omega of Push notifications: the top conversion strategies, examples of push ads and creatives, tools for push traffic, and the best push ad networks.

Top 7 push notifications ad networks choosing the right one.

Top-7 Best Push Ad Networks

How to choose the best push ad network and what to keep in mind? Read this top-7 checklist of worthy networks and make a wise choice.

best verticals and offers

Best Verticals & Offers for Push Ads in 2024

Which verticals are the best for Push ads in 2024? We have some statistics and insights to share, so that you make the right choice

push or popunder

To Push or To Pop(under)? This, and many Other Answers for Affiliate Newbies

Discover answers to Push vs. Popunder strategies & optimize your affiliate campaigns. Explore this & other crucial insights for success!

ready icons pack

320 Free Icons for Your Push Notifications: Ready Packs for the Top Verticals

We released a free pack with icons for Push notifications. The pack contains 320 icons for the top verticals, best compatible with Push traffic

how to pay less for push traffic

CPC, CPM, SmartCPC and CPA Goal for Push Notifications Traffic

As you probably know, for Push notifications campaigns, PropellerAds provides four bidding models: CPM, CPC, CPA Goal, and SmartCPC. Which to choose?

push notification strategy

Push Notifications Ads Strategy: Create a Push Campaign That Will Convert

Today, we’ll discuss how to set a Push Notification campaign to get the attention your product deserves and rise above social media algorithm madness.

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