Survey Exit

Learn how to fine-tune your Survey exit campaigns. Get expert insights and strategies to harness the true power of the Survey exit. Turn clicks into valuable interactions.

how to run a trading app

Onclick + Survey Exit + Interstitials = 15k+ Conversions for a Trading App [Case Study]

How to combine PropellerAds ad formats to build a flawless campaign for a trading app offer? Learn in our new case study from our partner.

survey exit ad format

Survey Exit New Ad Format: FAQ

Survey Exit is generating a lot of interest. We have collected all questions, so now you know everything about the new ad format.

survey exit push onclick

Choose Your Fighter: Comparing Survey Exit With Other Top Formats [Case Studies Inside!]

How does Survey Exit perform compared to other formats and which format to choose? We prepared case studies for the most vivid comparison.

which offers to run

Best Offers and Verticals for the Survey Exit Ad Format [+Case Studies]

We made a big research on which verticals and offers work best with the new Survey Exit format and will share you our insights and case studies.

how survey exit boosts performance

Survey Exit Case Study: 22х Higher CR and 6х Lower Conversion Price

Our partner tried the new Survey Exit format and shared a very vivid case study. Read to see how Survey Exit can boost your campaign performance.

survey exit new ad format

[NEW Ad Format] Survey Exit: Reach the Hottest Audience

Survey Exit is a brand new, highly precise, and interests-specific, ad format! Target a warmed-up audience - those who filled out different types of surveys.