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Survey Exit New Ad Format: FAQ

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Hey, guess, you have noticed something new in your PropellerAds account, haven’t you? It’s the brand new and 100% exclusive ad format Survey Exit, our latest solution designed to ensure even better performance of your campaigns. This is an original PropellerAds solution, so you won’t find anything similar to Survey Exit in any other network.

Survey Exit helps you target a warmed-up audience – those users who filled out different types of surveys – for example, Finance, Giveaway, or Social. As such, you get highly focused and engaged users, already interested in your offer and directed right to your landing page.

Like everything new and hot, Survey Exit evokes a lot of interest in our long-term partners and newcomers. We have gathered all of your questions + those we think might also be interesting, so that now you will know everything about the new format. 

How is Survey Exit different from other ad formats: Push, Onclick, and Interstitial? 

Survey Exit is really exclusive, as we said above, so it is pretty much different from other formats. 

According to our recent case study on formats comparison, Survey Exit has a potential to show up to 4 times higher CR compared to other formats due to the warmed-up and driven audience it brings. You will find out all the details in the article above, including a detailed table on all performance aspects, including targeting, flow, verticals, etc. 

When should I use Survey Exit?

  • When you want to scale your campaigns 
  • When you need really high-quality traffic that consists of a warmed-up audience 
  • If you want to target a pre-engaged audience interested in Social, Finance, or Giveaway offers 

Which verticals work best with Survey Exit and why?

According to our tests, the best verticals for Survey Exit are:

Which bidding models work best with Survey Exit?

  • CPA Goal — for lead generation and automized zone optimization
  • SmartCPC — for testing 
  • CPC — for scaling 

Why Survey Exit traffic is that high quality?

The answer to this question lies exactly in the essence of this exclusive ad format. It is high-quality and super converting because you get a warmed-up audience after they have completed thematic surveys, which means that they are already motivated to act. That’s why they naturally convert.

What do you mean by Social type of survey?

Social includes surveys about lifestyle, including relationships and mainstream dating.

Are there other thematic surveys besides Finance, Social, and Giveaways?

Yes, there are other thematic surveys in Survey Exit, but not too many. Finance, Social, and Giveaways make up the majority. If you don’t choose a particular survey type, you will get traffic from all the existing ones, not only Social, Finance, and Giveaways. 

Is it necessary to have the offer of the same category as the available survey types?

No, it’s not necessary, since the Survey Exit format converts even if the offer and survey topics are different. From our internal tests and our partners’ experience, users interested in Finance surveys are also fond of Giveaway offers.

In the Targeting section of your account, you can narrow the audience down and choose concrete survey types:


If you want to reach as many users as possible, just don’t specify the survey type. 

Do you collect users’ demographics and then just target them?

We do have demographic targeting by age and gender for Survey Exit, but the main aspect is rather users’ intention or else – interest.

Therefore, our aim is to collect the hottest audience ready to convert based on the surveys they completed, which is the most important criterion. And demographic targeting is added for more precision.  

Are users redirected to an offer landing page right after they complete a survey?

Yes, that’s true, users are redirected to your landing page right away. Basically, a survey works like a pre-lander, which you don’t have to pay for. 

In which language(s) are the surveys?

The language of a survey depends on a user’s browser language, which includes all widely-used ones: from English to Arabic.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to write a comment here, contact our support team, and join our cozy Telegram chat

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