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Mariia Peretyatko

While being a do-all writer, Mariia has composed thousands academic, technical, and promotional texts. Digital marketing, ad networks, and trends of CTV advertising are her latest passion. Lately, the author has investigated the ecosystem of AdTech from both sides – publishers’ and advertisers’, so she knows the ropes of efficient monetization and will gladly share a pack of magical recipes with you. Mariia also loves studying Chinese, drawing, and taking street photos.

Case Studies

iGaming Case Study: Brazilian Advertiser Gets 100K Registrations & 10K+ FTDs

Discover how a Brazilian iGaming advertiser achieved 100K registrations and 10K+ deposits. Get insights for optimizing your campaigns.

Advanced Tutorials

AI Apps: How Big Is the New Niche?

Photo editors, planners, virtual friends, chatbots... AI apps are all around! Can they bring money to advertisers? We are sure they can!


LinkedIn Lead Generation: A Guide for Media Buyers

LinkedIn lead generation is an art! In today's article, we reveal how to become a real master of it. Read practical tips with examples.

Platform Updates

Auto Creatives Feature FAQ: You Asked, We Answered

Learn everything you wanted to know about Auto Creatives, a powerful time-saving feature for fast creatives adding.


What is Growth Marketing?

Learn how growth marketing drives business success and boosts customer engagement through data-driven and customer-focused strategies.

iGaming SEO: Secret Techniques and Specifics
Advanced Tutorials

iGaming SEO: Secret Techniques and Specifics [+ Audit Examples]

iGaming SEO: Tips for legal issues, keyword volatility, and smart investments to succeed in a competitive niche


Conversion Rate Optimization: Your Way to Better Performance?

Master conversion rate optimization with expert strategies. Enhance your landing page performance and boost results

Tier 1 traffic overview
Tutorials for Beginners

The Best Advertising Practices: How to Win the Hearts of Tier 1 Countries? [+Stats]

We will share valuable insights about Tier 1 traffic, reveal some secrets, show you stats, and point the way to success

Platform Updates

New Feature: Auto Creatives Generated with ML for Top Performance

We present Auto Creatives - a new machine-learning based feature that will save your time! Try automatically added Push creatives now!

programmatic advertising guide

The Guide to Programmatic Display Advertising: Ins and Outs

Programmatic display advertising, it's ecosystem, principles of work, pros and cons - we have covered all the basics for you.

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