Advanced Tutorials

Hone your media buying and marketing skills with advanced strategies from the experts: optimize conversion, increase sales, and scale your affiliate business.


High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing: Way to Luxury or Just a Hassle?

Discover the allure and challenges of high-ticket affiliate marketing. Is it a pathway to luxury or a daunting journey? Find out now

social vertical funnel

User Acquisition in Social Vertical: How to Make It Work?

Social vertical needs a special approach! In this article, we discuss how to lead your audience through your advertising funnel right to the conversion

overheated auctions

Overheated Auctions & Media Buying: What are They and How to Deal With Them?

Discover strategies to manage overheated auctions and media buying effectively. Stay ahead in competitive markets!

risk management for media buyers

5 Traffic Acquisition Pitfalls You Can Avoid: Risk Management for Media Buyers

Discover how to steer clear of common pitfalls in traffic acquisition. Learn essential risk management strategies for media buyers. Dive in!

app acquisition strategies

Testing Mobile App Acquisition Strategies: What Bidding Model to Choose? [Case Study]

One of the decisions you need to make as part of the mobile app acquisition strategy is what bidding model to choose. Testing different options is the key

how to how to advertise onlyfans

Not Only Your Fans: How to Get Traffic for Content Subscription Platforms?

Discover strategies beyond fan base for driving traffic to your content subscription platform. Unlock growth potentials today!

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