User Acquisition

Looking for customer acquisition strategies that work? Work your magic with intelligent targeting, ad automation, and premium market research.

social vertical funnel

User Acquisition in Social Vertical: How to Make It Work?

Social vertical needs a special approach! In this article, we discuss how to lead your audience through your advertising funnel right to the conversion.

push notification strategy

Push Notifications Ads Strategy: Create a Push Campaign That Will Convert

Today, we’ll discuss how to set a Push Notification campaign to get the attention your product deserves and rise above social media algorithm madness.

risk management for media buyers

5 Traffic Acquisition Pitfalls You Can Avoid: Risk Management for Media Buyers

What are the most common risks in affiliate marketing and media buying? How to minimize these risks? Meet the actionable risk management tips for seasoned media buyers.

how to how to advertise onlyfans

Not Only Your Fans: How to Get Traffic for Content Subscription Platforms?

Content subscription platforms are sites where creators share exclusive content with paid subscribers. Learn how to promote Patreon and OnlyFans with PropellerAds paid ca...

user acquisition strategy for apps

User Acquisition for Mobile Applications: Fail-Proof Strategy

User acquisition for apps is a whole story of efficient audience capturing and turning them into leads. How to do that? Our Optimization team shares advice.