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Banned campaigns and advertisers in 2023

Still No Mercy for Fraud: Banned Campaigns 2023 [Infographics]

Our policy team works 24/7 to protect our traffic from any scam, fraud, and illegal content. Look at our annual banned campaigns report!

fraud shall not pass

Fraud Shall Not Pass: How We Control Partners’ Traffic Quality?

Advertising requires protective technologies to keep fraud away from your campaigns. Read how PropellerAds checks traffic quality to ensure safety

banned ad campaigns in 2022

No Mercy for Fraud: Banned Ad Campaigns 2022 [Infographics]

You are wondering how PropellerAds fights fraud? Check out our reflective research and results of 2022 + infographics

Device vs Conversions - research

This just in: Your Targeting Might Cost You 60% of Your Conversions

Optimize targeting to boost conversions. Learn why 60% could slip away. Revamp your approach for success now!

Indian affiliate market PDF

Affiliate Review: India. The audience, Stats, Creatives [FREE PDF]

Read all about the Indian audience, and get a first-hand look at the affiliate stats and best creative practices. All in this Free India Review PDF

repeat conversions report

Retargeting Converted Audiences: Are These The Verticals You’re Looking For?

Explore verticals with retargeting strategies. Optimize engagement and conversions. Discover if they match your goals!

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