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High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing: Way to Luxury or Just a Hassle?


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“Affiliate marketing cannot make you a millionaire,” – they said. Well, maybe they have never seen any high-ticket affiliate marketing programs? What if we told you that your commission can make $1000 instead of $10? 

Even though it may sound a bit exaggerated, it’s actually not. Getting crazy commissions is absolutely possible if you work with expensive goods. So, our little great Gatsbys, do you want to touch luxury?

Today, we are going to get into this thrilling topic, and Evan Weber, a professional digital marketer from Experienced Advertising project, will help us with his insightful comments.

What is high-ticket affiliate marketing?    

As we have already mentioned, high-ticket affiliate marketing is associated with promoting and selling expensive products and services. 

Basically, considering the payouts that can reach up to 4-5 figures sums, for most advertisers, making one or two sales per month can bring head-spinning profits. And what are those verticals?   

High-ticket affiliate marketing verticals 

Based on our own research and insights from Evan Weber, we can highlight the following niches:

  • Traveling and lifestyle

Luxury trips and cruises with high booking prices can become your way to high-payout affiliate marketing. 

Say, luxurious yachting affiliate programs, like SkipperCity, offer 20-25% commission for a booking with an average price of $3000 (and this is $750)! They claim to provide creatives and buttons for your campaign, so no excessive efforts required.    

Or else – Villiers Jets affiliate program. Yes, this one is a company that provides private jets for rent, and yes, they have a deal for advertisers with a 30% profit share on each flight. The company claims that their “top affiliates consistently earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, while many affiliates earn over $5,000 monthly.”

  • Luxury house goods

Evan Weber highlights,

“Mattresses, surprisingly, fall into this category as well; with the rise of premium sleep solutions, affiliates can earn significant commissions on high-end products.” 

Yes, mattresses. They are extremely popular these days, and there are dozens of corresponding affiliate programs that can bring you at least $100-200 per sale. 

  • SaaS (Software as a service) platforms 

SaaS platforms can vary from office tools or personal growth programs to media content, like Netflix. All of them are cloud-based and delivered on a subscription basis. As such, affiliates can get commissions from those subscriptions, which entails long-term ongoing income (usually, as long as a lead prolongs the subscription). 

For example, Thinkific, a platform for content creators and entrepreneurs, has an affiliate program with a 30% commission, which can make up to $1,700 per referral. They also include all the necessary materials, like banners for promotion. 

  • Nutrition

The trend for eco and healthy products has been here for a while, and seems like it’s not going to change too soon. Nutrition vertical only gains more attention and, therefore – potential leads for your affiliate program. 

Example: FastBar affiliate program offers a nice commission of 15%, which can bring you up to $50 per lead. Not as much as personal jets, but still. 

  • Jewelry and clothes

Jewelry, watches, and other luxury accessories can also provide opportunities for high-ticket affiliate marketing. According to Evan Weber,

“These products appeal to a niche market willing to spend on quality and exclusivity, resulting in higher commissions for successful referrals.” So, finding an audience interested in trendy and expensive accessories means increasing your chances for success.

Talking about high-paid affiliate programs in this niche, we can name Leibish, where your commission depends on the product price. The average sum possible to receive for one conversion is $700+! 

  • High-end electronics 

Electronics must be the most developing niche out of all existing ones. As such, you can find high-end affiliate programs for devices and accessories with ease. 

Say, Borrow Lenses, a rental service where users can find cameras and lenses for temporary use, offers an affiliate program with up to 10% commission. Considering that their equipment is up to $900 per week, your commission can make $90 and more, depending on the rental term and initial price.  

  • Finance

Trading simulators, investment platforms, and other Finance products are perfect examples of high-paid affiliate marketing offers. 

Say, the Binance affiliate program gives advertisers 41-50% commission for a purchase. The platform also provides a Futures bonus of up to 72,000 USDT per month! Striking. 

Sounds cool, but is it possible to earn from high-ticket affiliate programs?

Here is what our partner Evan thinks about earning with high-paid offers:

“Affiliate marketing with high-ticket offers can indeed be highly profitable, suitable for both beginners and advanced affiliates. The key to success lies in having an engaged audience and employing advanced techniques like media buying on platforms such as Meta and TikTok. It’s crucial to negotiate the highest commission possible with advertisers to maximize earnings.”

True, with thoughtful approaches and a collected targeted audience, one can get from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the offer and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Beginners should think about getting the right audience, while experienced media buyers can try such offers to scale earnings. According to Evan Weber, social media, with their themed groups and advanced targeting options is a good starting point here.

However, if you are already applying for a luxury program, let’s discuss the pros and risks first. 

Pros and cons of high-ticket affiliate marketing


  • One conversion = thick wallet

Obviously, the best thing about expensive goods promotion is their commission rates. From the examples above, we can see that a single conversion can make your monthly income. 

  • Pre-made materials 

As a rule, offer owners provide a full pack of creatives and other promo materials, because they really care about representing their products the right way. This means that in most cases, you won’t have to prepare all of that yourself. 

  • Premium goods to work with

High-payout offers are nothing like average cheap products. So, if you have ever been interested in working with fancy stuff – this might be one of the reasons to try high-payout offers.  


  • Complicated user journey

As a rule, high-payout offers are associated with complicated conversion flow. Users have to register/share their contact details, and then either make a deposit, receive a call from a call center, perform some actions in the app they have installed, and more.

Actually, the more complicated the flow is waiting for a user, the higher the payouts are. 

  • Complicated tracking

If you have a complicated conversion flow, then you have complicated tracking, since high-quality optimization requires careful tracking of the whole funnel, even if you get paid after the final sale only. 

  • Expensive testing

Indeed, if the offer pays about $100, most likely, you will have to spend a couple of thousands to test it

  • Restrictions

High-ticket offers have restrictions, especially when it comes to traffic types. On the one hand, a lot of offer owners don’t allow Popunder or Interstitial traffic. On the other hand, social networks restrict some verticals, like Social or some types of Finance. Restrictions, restrictions everywhere. 

Evan Weber also shares his ideas about risks: 

“Your earnings are directly tied to the advertiser’s website conversion rate. If the site doesn’t convert well, even high traffic won’t translate to earnings. To mitigate this, negotiate dedicated coupon codes and secure a dedicated toll-free number to track sales more effectively, enhancing your ability to earn commissions.

Plus, you’re at the mercy of the advertiser’s commitment to the affiliate program. Changes in terms, commission rates, or program discontinuation can impact your earnings.”

Summing up

Let’s see what your campaign can look like, considering all the reflections above:

Even though high-ticket affiliate marketing is connected with risks and challenges, it is still possible to make it. If you have some budget to invest in testing, a selected audience along with pre-collected data for a campaign – you are ready to go.

And PropellerAds will always provide you with high-quality traffic and efficient tools, whatever experiment you want to make. Good luck!


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