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5 Best CPA Networks for eCommerce


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You picked your vertical, and now you need a trustworthy CPA network to provide some profitable offers. If this is where you’re at, and eCommerce is what you are focused on at the moment, read on.

To save your time and spare you from doing one more research, we prepared a list of the 5 best CPA networks for eCommerce you can rely on when looking for vertical-specific offers worth testing.

So here we go. 


Number of offers:6.000+ offers
Number of GEOs:40+
Available conversion options:CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL
Payout frequency:Twice a week/ Minimum payout $50

We are kicking things off with a well-known CPA affiliate network that provides thousands of exclusive offers with high payouts and low-competition GEOs. And even though eCommerce is not their most covered vertical, you will be able to search through a wide variety of offers within this niche.

AdCombo has 40.000 active affiliates among their rows and around 200.000 daily leads. And what you will love the most about this platform are exclusive landing pages for each and every offer.

Their internal creative department is constantly looking for ways to improve promotional content, in order to increase your chances for better conversion rates. This means you will get converting landing and pre-landing pages as part of the service. In more than 40 languages.

What else you can count on with AdCombo:

  • In-house tracking platform that’s 100% uptime

  • Unique anti-fraud system to make sure you have high-quality leads

  • Built-in translation interface for written content and native-speaking interpreters

  • Personal affiliate manager for each advertiser and affiliate

  • Tutorials on how to use the AdCombo CPA platform

  • 24/7 support

Note: With six servers located around the world, and by fixing the discrepancies in traffic, AdCombo is making sure no click is lost.


Number of offers:4.000+ offers
Number of GEOs:190+
Available commission types:Revshare and CPA
Payout frequency:Weekly, or every other week

Now, let’s move on to the CPA network specializing in eCommerce – ClickBank. A marketplace that connects affiliates and product sellers. How effective is this network? Over the last 25+ years they paid out more than $6.2 billion in commissions, so you can get a conclusion easily.

Over 100.000 affiliates worldwide go with ClickBank as their network of choice. And with reason. They are known for their top-performing offers that come with high commissions (usually affiliates get 50-70% on each sale they make), reliable payments, and high-quality products that are on the other side of offers. 

In fact, all the products are vetted for FDA/FTC compliance, and ClickBank monitors product quality rates based on refunds.

Why else do affiliates turn to ClickBank?

  • They offer accurate tracking to make sure you get paid for every single sale

  • Most offers come with pre-made promotional materials

  • You can count on dedicated support from an account manager; but bear in mind that not all affiliates get them, only up-and-coming and premier clients have this privilege

  • The network provides online marketing training for both newbies and experienced affiliates

Note: The top product categories offered on ClickBank that are relevant to eCommerce are: Health & Fitness, Sports, and Home & Garden.

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Number of offers:NA
Number of GEOs:N/A
Revenue-generating models:RevShare, CPA, CPI, CPL and CPS
Payout frequency:Two times a month

Here’s another CPA network that’s focused on eCommerce – it’s their strongest vertical, with the greatest number of offers. They have a diverse portfolio of direct and exclusive offers that come along with several payment models – RevShare, CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPS.

ClickDealer provides worldwide coverage, performance reports as well as dedicated support. When it comes to payment terms tied to their affiliate program, they offer a fixed commission structure, where the minimum payout is $500.

Bear in mind that this network has a loyalty program that’s based on affiliates collecting points, which they can exchange for luxurious prizes. So, aside from being paid for generating conversion, by running their offers, you will be in a position to collect some valuable goods (for each $10 you make, you get 1 point).

What will you find useful at ClickDealer?

  • User-friendly interface with granular reporting options

  • Customizable landing page rotation with an option of splitting creatives

  • E-commerce offers toolkit

  • Dashboard with many parameters (vertical, GEO, payout amount, but also targeting action, the presence of creatives, mobile operator, and even age and gender of audience that the offer is targeting)

Note: Make sure to check the traffic sources ClickDealer accepts before you decide to join this CPA network. Luckily for you, PropellerAds is one of them.


Number of offers:2.000+ offers
Number of GEOs:180+
Available conversion options:CPS, CPL, CPI
Payout frequency:Once a week

Indoleads is a global CPA network that represents another reliable bridge between affiliates and offer owners. When it comes to numbers, they have more than 2.000 offers available, 60.000 active affiliates, and around $500 million annually in revenue.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that the highest payout for an affiliate so far was $127.000 a month. 

Their focus is on several verticals, where eCommerce is among the strongest ones, and the list of brands they are working closely with is quite impressive – Nike, Canva, Shein, Adobe, Wish, but also huge eCommerce platforms like Lazada, AliExpress, and Shopee.

To make affiliate’s life easier, they developed a variety of tools you will find useful: 

  • Coupon Feeds for simple and easy integration of affiliate links

  • Smart Banner Tools that make sure users see the most relevant banner, based on their On-site behavior

  • Product Feeds that present affiliates with a list of all products from one advertiser, including their attributes

  • DeepLink Builder allows affiliates to take users directly to any desired page

You will also get regular income reports and access to statistics for full data transparency. As for money withdrawals, they are promising quick approvals and automated weekly payouts.


Number of offers:N/A
Number of GEOs:N/A
Revenue-generating models:CPA, CPI, CPL, CPE, CPS, PPC
Payout frequency:Once a week

For 7 years in a row, PerformCB was voted as the #1 CPA network by marketers worldwide. So the quality of their service should not be questioned. It is a reliable platform to partner with and look for quality and exclusive offers.

Their top verticals are Finance, eCommerce, Nutra, as well as Utilities, and there are thousands of offers to choose from in order to launch top-performing campaigns.

They are proud of the fact that they have $1+ billion paid in partner commissions, and the network offers its affiliates flexible payment options to help them keep cash flow and stay in action.

With PerformCB, you can count on their advanced algorithm to determine the best offers for a specific user. This offer-rotating technology helps affiliates scale their business. And all of their offers are legit thanks to their fraud-fighting software that’s running 24/7.

All the things you will appreciate when working with PerformCB:

  • Their mobile app that will make sure you can seek offers on the go

  • Real-time reporting to allow you keep track of your data

  • AI optimization so each user is served with an offer that’s most likely to convert

  • A broad range of revenue-generating models

Note: Payouts in PerformCB are once a week, with a minimum amount of $50.

To conclude

As it turned out, there are not that many CPA networks that are placing eCommerce among their top verticals. At least, that’s the case with well-known and reputable platforms. But we believe what we presented will be enough for you to find the right partners and dive into their pool of offers, looking for the most fruitful ones.

And after you target them, don’t forget we are here, waiting to support you with the very best traffic you can find.



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