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Marija Golubovic

Determined to make research and fact-checking her number one priority while chasing a unique subject approach, Marija made sure to leave a mark in every niche she dedicated her time to. iGaming and Nutra are the verticals within which she feels like home, but her quest for affiliate knowledge is now leading her to unexpected places, which she loves. Marija is a dog person, a salsa dancer, and a huge novels fan.


The Most Popular iGaming Marketing Mistakes: Here’s How to Avoid Them

Wanna stop losing money? Stop making the most popular iGaming marketing mistakes. Dive into your campaign strategy and fix what’s wrong.

afiliados-brasil-2024 banner

PropellerAds at Afiliados Brasil 2024: Meet Us There

Meet us at Affiliados Brasil 2024, the largest affiliate congress in Latin America. Let's discuss all the novelties within the industry.

influencer marketing platforms
Affiliate Marketing

11 Influencer Marketing Platforms to Make Your Campaign More Legit

With a well-thought-out influencer marketing strategy and reliable influencer marketing platform, you can skyrocket your campaign performance.

best spy tools featured image
Affiliate Marketing

Top 9 Digital Marketing Tools to Know Your Competitor’s Tricks

Let’s take a look at how competitor research can help you enhance your marketing campaign and discuss 9 outstanding spy tools

how to run cricket campaigns featured image
Ad Trends

How to Run Cricket Campaigns: Ad Formats, GEOs, and Creatives in Focus

After football, cricket is the most popular sport in the whole wide world. Let’s see how you can profit by running cricket campaigns!


What is Online Advertising: Types, Benefits + Tips and Insights

Let’s discuss what online advertising is, how it works, what benefits we can count on, what types exist, and what are its goals. Read on!

Tutorials for Beginners

E-commerce Pre-Landers: How to Make Them More Converting?

eCommerce pre-landers warm up the users before they are faced with a decision - to buy or not to buy. Learn how to make them more converting!

Tutorials for Beginners

5 Best CPA Networks for eCommerce

We prepared a list of the 5 best CPA networks for eCommerce you can rely on when looking for vertical-specific offers worth testing.

Tutorials for Beginners

4 Campaign Strategy Lessons We Learned From AffLift Contest Case Study

Here are the lessons you can learn from running a PropellerAds campaign. Afflift contest participant shared his campaign strategy and we analized each step.

Popunder Ads

Choose Wisely: 8 Best Popunder Ad Networks in 2024

We prepared a narrowed list of 8 best performing Popunder ad networks you can rely on when looking for quality Popunder traffic

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