How to do online advertising right? Learn how to buy web traffic the right way to get high conversions, stellar performance, and an astronomical CTR.


iGaming Payment Methods in Brazil: PIX, Visa, Wallets?

Discover top iGaming payment methods in Brazil, including PIX, Visa, and digital wallets. Optimize your ad campaigns for the Brazilian market

PropellerAds-What is Lead

What is a Lead? Definitions and Tips for Handling Different Types of Leads

Learn what a lead is in marketing and sales. Discover the different types of leads, how to qualify them, and effective strategies for converting leads into customers.

PropellerAds -iGaming-Content-Strategy

iGaming Content Strategy: Expert Insights

Discover expert insights and top SEO tips for a winning iGaming content strategy. Learn how to create high-quality iGaming content.

Key elements of ad campaigns

The Key Elements of Ad Campaigns

Target Audience, Bids, Formats and Creatives are the key elements of ad campaigns. Find everything about them to plan the most effective campaign

Mobile vs Desktop traffic

Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic: What All Affiliates Need to Know

What's the difference between desktop and mobile traffic? Let's explore it – as well as trends and strategies for top CRs.

I get no traffic

My Campaign Doesn’t Get Traffic: What Do I Do?

Your campaign doesn't get traffic, or you want much more? Or maybe you receive too much traffic? We give the solutions here.

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