eCommerce Offers During Lunar New Year 2024: How to Increase Your Sales?

eCommerce offers during Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year 2024! 

Even if you don’t celebrate it in your country, it still can be happy for you — if you manage to turn it into a profitable media buying campaign.

As the biggest and the most important holiday in China and other Asian countries, it can’t help but boost offline and online sales. How can an affiliate marketer turn it in their favor? Let’s check it out right now.

Chinese New Year: Brief Overview

First, what do we need to know about the event in the context of eCommerce campaigns? Let’s go through some quick facts:

  • Fact 1: Lunar New Year 2024 (or Chinese New Year or Spring Festival) takes place from February 10 to February 18

  • Fact 2: Lunar New Year online sales have increased from 21% to 30% since 2019 (here is boring proof)

  • Fact 3: The most popular spring gifts last year in China were food, beverages, snacks, kitchen utensils, vitamins, gadgets, and clothing

  • Fact 4: Our last-year stats showed that the top performing GEOs during the Lunar New Year were the US (26% of the whole eCommerce revenue), Indonesia (15%), Philippines (9%), Thailand (8%), Vietnam (5%), and Malaysia (4%). Besides, while checking the other verticals, we saw big traffic spikes in South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

PropellerAds - Chinese New Year 2023

Where to Get Lunar New Year eCommerce Offers?

The best idea is to run offers from popular Asian online platforms instead of searching for a particular product. This might be a CPA offer with a ready Lunar New Year pre-landing page or a general affiliate program of the shopping platform. 

5 best CPA offer aggregators

Online Platforms

Here are some leading Asian online marketplaces that need media buyers to promote them:

e-commerce app south east asia

Big and important note: check out the working schedule of each platform you will promote. Chinese New Year lasts for more than a week, so it makes sense to understand how the order processing and delivery will work during these days.

Single Products

Another idea is to run single-product offers, like some smartwatches or, say, beauty items. If your research suggests that some particular products have all the chances to become popular gifts, why not try to pick and wrap them into Lunar New Year-related creatives?

Here are some ideas and examples of the products that might show a boost during the Lunar New Year!

What is the Chinese New Year Strategy?

According to our statistics, most successful eCommerce offers are promoted with the help of Popunder traffic. So, you can use the classical Popunder strategy and scale your campaigns with Push Notifications or any other formats you prefer.

Serge Abramov, media buyer: When you run an eCommerce offer with a shopping website or an app, it is better to focus on promoting a single product from this platform. 

40 % roi for e-commerce campaigns.

Which one? 

It should most likely be the most popular item on a particular marketplace or the one with the best New Year discount. For example, on Shopee, you can check out this tab:

So, your landing page, pre-lander, push notification, or interstitial should contain information about a single product.

Such an approach usually brings more targeted and motivated traffic.

Some extra tips include:

  • Don’t forget to use White- and Blacklists in your campaigns

  • Try the Campaign Audience Reach feature: choose High Intent Audience to attract the most engaged users right before the New Year

  • Get the most out of retargeting: collect user audiences of those who purchase goods you promote and offer them other products.

  • Make sure your creatives are localized for every particular GEO you target

translation - localization

Bonus Part: Creatives Troubleshooting

If you didn’t find an offer with ready creatives and need to work on them yourself, this part is for you. What is more, even if you have ready creatives from an advertiser, it is better to prepare yours, too. This time, we decided to step away from classical guides and make it all a little more interactive. 

indian ecomm creative banner


We showed some real creatives to our partner media buyer, Serge, and asked him to comment on them. 

Let’s see what we got!

Creative 1: Too unfocused

This one seems nice enough to attract people to a marketplace. 

What’s wrong?

Serge: While this definitely looks good, I insist on the idea of focusing on a single product. What is the offer about? Sneakers, gadgets, or lipsticks? Most likely, this creative will be less converting than the one containing more information about one real bargain.

Creative 2: Better, but still flickers

Here we have four particular products, some discounts, and sales period information — so will that do? What will our severe critic say?

Serge: this is better, but still, one product is better than four — it gives the maximum focus for users. And I think it lacks precise information and catchy titles. ‘50% OFF’, or, say, ‘$10 for 10 items’ strikes the eye much better than ‘Buy one, take one’.

Besides, when you promote a particular product, you can set extra targeting options, like gender or age.

Creative 3: Cries out for a copywriter

We followed all the rules for this landing page! It must have melted Serge’s heart. But…

Serge: Your creative must contain more information to motivate people to purchase a product. Where is the price? Where is the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect created by the limited offer period? After all, what are magnetic levitation motors and negative ions — is it good or bad? Being more informative on your landing page never hurts.

Creatives Summary

Now, you better understand a good creative, right? Here is an example of a converting one:

And some quick notes for you to fit in the Lunar New Year style:

  • Red, Gold, and Yellow are the colors of luck in Asian cultures

  • Black, white, and blue colors are associated with death

  • Even numbers are also a sign of luck

  • The only exception to this is number ‘four’ — a very unlucky and scary number for most Asians

To Sum Up

Lunar New Year’s traffic spike is a great chance to try out the new eCommerce approaches or explore the Asian market if you haven’t been quite familiar with it before. Our Popunder and Push traffic and extra tools for boosting profits are already waiting for some nice rabbit-decorated red pre-landers — so 


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