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Campaign Audience Reach: New Targeting Option for Onclick CPM

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Hi there, we are back with the new audience targeting: Campaign Audience Reach.

Currently available exclusively for Onclick with the CPM bidding model, this feature gives you access to a completely different angle of audience targeting.

Campaign Audience Reach helps get the most relevant audience for a specific campaign purpose. Machine learning algorithms select traffic that best fits the campaign objectives and will help to reach its goals.

Let’s get a closer look at how it all works.

Campaign Audience Reach: How It Works

Now, when setting your Onclick CPM campaign, you can opt for additional targeting. It looks like this in your account:


What does it mean?

Thanks to big data analytics and leveraging machine learning technologies in AdTech, we divided all Onclick ads CPM traffic into two user audiences. You can go with both of them — or select more precise targeting depending on your campaign goals.

  • High Intent Audience. The best pick when your offer requires very engaged users ready to convert. This one is great when you launch the offer for the first time and need to attract fresh users.
  • Wide Reach Audience. This option is the best for additional, repetitive communication with the audience. Simply put, it works best when you show the same offer to the same users more than once. So, targeting this audience is great for boosting brand awareness and creating a closer relationship with prospects.
  • High Intent + Wide Reach. As we already said, you can pick both options — and this will allow you to get 100% of possible Onclick traffic for your offer.

How Did We Divide Users Into Wide Reach/High Intent?

This new feature is based on our latest developments in machine learning. You pick the audience depending on the campaign goals, and PropellerAds algorithms select the most suitable traffic sources and enable the most precise targeting.

To segment users into the High Intent and Wide Reach audiences, we use two types of data:

  • User behavior data. Our algorithms analyze behavioral factors in real time to understand whether a particular user is more likely to be a part of a High Intent or a Wide Reach audience.
  • Historical data. PropellerAds has information on thousands of campaigns launched before. Based on this data, our predictive analysis algorithms make a decision on adding a user to a High Intent or a Wide Reach audience.

Campaign Audience Reach FAQ

Now, let’s sum it up: We prepared the answers to all the questions you might have.

Have some more? Ask our customer support or discuss this post in our Telegram Chat.

Why Do I Need the Campaign Audience Reach Feature?

This option helps you find the most efficient audience for your campaign, depending on its goals. Our machine learning algorithms select the best traffic (the one that will most likely help you reach your objectives) for your campaign purpose.

Why Is It Available Only For Onclick CPM?

This format is one of the top picks for the widest campaign reach and boosting brand awareness. To make it even more effective, we created an additional Wide Reach audience — the best one for brand awareness purposes. Besides, we also left an option for targeting first-impression users with the highest engagement — the High Intent audience.

Can I Use Both Targeting Options?

Sure, you can. It’s recommended when you need to maximize traffic and include all users: those already familiar with your offer and the freshest audience, who will see your ads for the first time.

You can already try out Campaign Audience Reach — so register at PropellerAds right now to get the most out of the new targeting.



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