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campaign audience reach banner
Platform Updates

Campaign Audience Reach: New Targeting Option for Onclick CPM

New targeting feature for Onclick CPM traffic — Campaign Audience Reach. The best way to get the most relevant traffic for your specific campaign purpose.

propeller redtrack automation optimization
Guest Expert

5 Automation Tricks You Need To Know To Grow Your Ad Revenue

Instead of managing multiple screens to monitor your ad channels and campaigns, set up an intelligent ad automation system that saves you time and money.

propellerads-duplicate-campaign-banner image
Platform Updates

Campaign Duplication: Increase Your Profit with Ultra-Efficient Optimization [New Feature]

Meet the new feature: Duplicate your Campaign! This auto-optimization tool will get your performance to the brand new level.

new feature subzone
Platform Updates

Subzones to Make Your Optimization Neat and Efficient [NEW Feature]

Precise optimization is what you need for a better campaigns performance. New PropellerAds feature - Subzones - can help you with that. How? Find out here.

PropellerAds - Rule Based Optimization Best Practices
Advanced Tutorials

Rule-Based Optimization Best Practices: IF (ROI > 300), THEN 🍾?

One rule to rule them all. One rule for all your Push and Interstitials CPC Campaigns. And in this article the best practices for Rule-Based Optimization.

the best conversion trackers
Affiliate Marketing

Keep Your Campaigns Sharp with these 7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools

Correctly tracking campaigns is essential in affiliate marketing. And with the right tool, your task gets simpler. Here are our top suggestions.


[Webinar] PropellerAds’ New Product Launches for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketers can never have enough campaign optimization tools. So, our experts work hard to create new ones. And in this webinar we explan them all

Win Rate
Tutorials for Beginners

Win Rate: The PropellerAds Tool Every Advertiser Needs to Use

Do you want to know which auctions you’re winning, what bids are best, or from where you can get more traffic? Use the Win Rate.

direct click traffic
Platform Updates

Direct Click: Your Shortest Way to the Most Engaged Audience

Direct Click provides access to the list of chosen ad placements and allows you to purchase a direct visit right to your offer.

Propellerads_how to ab test based on data
Guest Expert

A/B Testing: How to Optimize Based on Your Data?

In this post, we will analyze how to properly conduct an A/B test and, more importantly, how to implement the conclusions of our tests in our advertising campaigns.

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