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Top Tracking Tools
Affiliate Marketing

Keep Your Campaigns Sharp with these 7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools

Maximize campaign effectiveness with top affiliate marketing tracking tools. Optimize, analyze, and refine for superior results!

Media Buying

iGaming Payment Methods in Brazil: PIX, Visa, Wallets?

Discover top iGaming payment methods in Brazil, including PIX, Visa, and digital wallets. Optimize your ad campaigns for the Brazilian market


Top 10 Lead Generation Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Lead generation tools can improve your performance and set you free from numerous tedious tasks. Grab them to your advertising arsenal!

PropellerAds-What is Lead
Affiliate Marketing

What is a Lead? Definitions and Tips for Handling Different Types of Leads

Learn what a lead is in marketing and sales. Discover the different types of leads, how to qualify them, and effective strategies for converting leads into customers.


Conversion Rate Optimization: Your Way to Better Performance?

Master conversion rate optimization with expert strategies. Enhance your landing page performance and boost results

I get no traffic
Media Buying

My Campaign Doesn’t Get Traffic: What Do I Do?

Your campaign doesn't get traffic, or you want much more? Or maybe you receive too much traffic? We give the solutions here.

what is conversion rate?

Conversion Rate: What Is It and How to Boost It?

What is conversion rate in marketing? Learn why is it important for your business growth, how to measure it, and how to optimize it via CRO.

campaign audience reach banner
Platform Updates

Campaign Audience Reach: New Targeting Option for Onclick CPM

New targeting feature for Onclick CPM traffic - Campaign Audience Reach. The best way to get the most relevant traffic for your campaigns

propeller redtrack automation optimization
Guest Expert

5 Automation Tricks You Need To Know To Grow Your Ad Revenue

Instead of managing multiple screens to monitor your ad channels and campaigns, set up an intelligent ad automation system that saves you money

propellerads-duplicate-campaign-banner image
Platform Updates

Campaign Duplication: Increase Your Profit with Ultra-Efficient Optimization [New Feature]

Meet the new feature: Duplicate your Campaign! This auto-optimization tool will get your performance to the brand new level

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