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Key elements of ad campaigns
Affiliate Marketing

The Key Elements of Ad Campaigns

Target Audience, Bids, Formats and Creatives are the key elements of ad campaigns. Find everything about them to plan the most effective campaign

lead generation strategies

Lead Generation for Brands and Affiliates: What Is It? [Strategies and Tips]

Learn about what is lead generation for brands and affiliates, its best practices, and tips to reach your target audience!

campaign audience reach
Case Studies

How Campaign Audience Reach Works [Case Study]

Read how our clients use Campaign Audience Reach. This targeting allows you to meet various campaign goals: awareness or high engagement.

campaign audience reach banner
Platform Updates

Campaign Audience Reach: New Targeting Option for Onclick CPM

New targeting feature for Onclick CPM traffic - Campaign Audience Reach. The best way to get the most relevant traffic for your campaigns

survey exit new ad format
Platform Updates

[NEW Ad Format] Survey Exit: Reach the Hottest Audience

Survey Exit is a brand new, highly precise, and interests-specific ad format! Target a warmed-up audience - those who filled out different types of surveys

comunity-based marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Maximizing Community-Based Marketing: How Platforms Like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora Can Help

Capturing your target audience’s attention is not easy. Luckily, there’s a marketing strategy that can help: community-based marketing

Industry News

Cookie Apocalypse: The Countdown Is Already On

Google announced that third-party cookies from its Chrome browser will be blocked next year. How to survive this cookie Apocalypse? Let's discuss

Case Studies

How Real Clients Use Demographic Targeting: Results and Feedback

Campaign performance depends on the audience engagement. Why don't you use Demographic Targeting feature to reach users already interested?

Affiliate Marketing

The Insurance Vertical Overview: How to Make Your Campaign Profitable?

Discover strategies to maximize profits in insurance campaigns. Learn key insights and tactics for a lucrative venture in the insurance vertical

Affiliate Marketing

Turkey: Hot and Promising GEO You Cannot Overlook

Turkey is a shiny Tier 2 country and a winning GEO for fresh affiliates. Consider this GEO because of super-low traffic prices & incredible traffic volumes!

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