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How Campaign Audience Reach Works [Case Study]

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Our new targeting feature — Campaign Audience Reach — is live, and now all PropellerAds users can get the most out of their Onclick/Popunder CPM campaigns.

In short, Campaign Audience Reach allows you to choose one of the two audience types that best fits a campaign’s purpose — or strive for the maximum traffic volumes by selecting both.

Today, we will show you how exactly the feature works on the example of our partners’ campaigns.

Briefly: About Campaign Audience Reach

Campaign Audience Reach is the new targeting option available for Onclick CPM traffic. It allows you to target one or both audiences:

  • High Intent audience — the freshest and the most engaged users with the biggest chance to convert. This audience will most likely deliver fewer impressions but will result in higher CR.
  • Wide Reach audience — an audience with a more significant traffic volume, best for boosting brand awareness and repeated interactions. With Wide Reach, you will receive more impressions than with High Intent, but conversion rates will be lower.
If you select both options, you will get access to 100% of the possible Onclick traffic for your campaign — and this is recommended when you don’t have a specific goal or need the maximum traffic volume.

Campaign Audience Reach In Action: Real Case Studies

As you might know (and you probably do because we wrote about it in our big Popunder guide), Onclick traffic works best with the following verticals:

So, we asked our partners who know the ropes of iGaming and Windows Extensions to share their results with the new targeting. Here is what we got.

Case Study 1: iGaming Campaign

This partner ran his Onclick campaign in Brazil to promote a Sportsbook offer for Android users. Their main goal was to reach the widest audience and let as many users as possible know about the iGaming brand. Besides, the advertiser also wanted to motivate users to convert — but this wasn’t the main objective. 

Campaign Overview:

Platform: Android
Conversion Type:First-time deposit
Bidding Model:CPM

Basically, there is a CPA Goal that allows you to set a fixed conversion price and never pay more — but as some media buyers who run iGaming offers, our partner does not pass conversions to PropellerAds. So, he could not get the most out of the CPA Goal. Instead, he picked Onclick CPM to test Wide Reach and High Intent targeting options. 

He split his budget into two parts: the bigger one, $10,000, was used for the Wide Reach targeting, and the rest, $3,000, was left for testing High Intent.

Here are the results of his Wide Reach campaign after a month:

Audience ImpressionsCRConversionsCPM fixBudgetConversion Cost factual
Wide Reach83166670,005%430$1,2$10000$23,25

As you see, the campaign goal was fully achieved: 

  • Wide Reach targeting brought 8 316 667 impressions: this proves that the reach is really wide.
  • At the same time, the campaign resulted in 430 conversions, which doesn’t give the highest CR (0,005%) but still brings profit. 
  • Also, note the CPM rate: it remains pretty low (1.2) for the Wide Reach targeting campaigns.

Meanwhile, High Intent targeting showed the following results:

Audience ImpressionsCRConversionsCPM fixBudgetConversion Cost factual
High Intent855429 0,02% 174$3,5$3000$17,24

The key takeaways:

  • Wide Reach brings more impressions (8316667) than High Intent (855429) but still results in a good number of conversions (430)
  • High Intent campaigns have higher CR (%0,02) than Wide Reach (%0,005). 
  • At the same time, High Intent conversions are cheaper ($17.24) than conversions on Wide Reach ($23,25)

Case Study 2: Utilities Campaign

This partner uses Onclick as one of the best traffic types for his Extension offer in the USA. 

Typically, he runs CPA Goal campaigns —  but he was looking for some scaling options at that time. In other words, he required more conversions — e.g., as many extension installs as possible. So, engaged, interested, fresh users were a must. 

This was obviously a job for High Intent targeting for Onclick CPM. Our partner took $800 from his overall $1,000 budget and created a new campaign.

Campaign Overview:

Vertical: Extensions
Platform: Windows
Conversion Type: Cost Per Install
Bidding Model: CPM
Budget: $1000
Dates: 23/09-22/10/2023

Here is what happened after a month: with the comparatively small number of impressions, High Intent targeting brought 305 conversions at a competitive price of $2.62.

Audience ImpressionsCRConversionsCPM fixBudgetConversion Cost factual
High Intent1551870,2% 305$5,2$800$2,62

The rest of the budget — $200 — was used to try Wide Reach as well, and here is what happened with this test:

Audience ImpressionsCRConversionsCPM fixBudgetConversion Cost factual
Wide Reach 2032970,03% 64$1,0$200$3,13

The key takeaways:

  • You can set a much lower CPM for Wide Reach but still get conversions – and many more impressions
  • At the same time, High Intent’s conversions are cheaper, even in spite of more expensive CPM, because the overall CR is higher.


“Knowing your goals is the first key to developing a successful media buying approach. The High Intent and Wide Reach targeting options allow advertisers to focus on desired user behavior and relative price, and is especially useful for those advertisers looking to expand their user reach and increase brand awareness without overspending.”

Maria Kotova, Sales Team Lead

To Sum Up

As you see, Campaign Audience Reach works just as planned: it gives you either higher CRs and cheaper conversions or a wider reach and brand awareness — with conversions as well, though. 

The feature is already available on PropellerAds’ self-service platform, so you can start your Onclick with smarter targeting right away.


Have you already tried this targeting? Share your thoughts on our Telegram chat!


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