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Your Insider’s Guide to Browser Extension CPA Offers

Browser extensions - CPA Offers

If web browsers are the vehicles we use to navigate the web, then browser extensions are the cool upgrades that can help improve comfort and functionality during the ride.

Just for Google Chrome, there are almost 190,000 extensions that have been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times, and these numbers show no signs of slowing down.

Billions of people employ browser extensions every day, which has undoubtedly fueled the growth of the industry. And, thanks to the dozens of renowned developers wanting to garner more attention, affiliates have become an essential part of this flourishing ecosystem.

With the above in mind, affiliates that want to succeed with browser extension CPA offers need to learn as much as they can about this relatively young industry. We’ve reached out to Anastasia Loseva, the head of sales at our partner CPA network Zeydoo, to find out why browser extension offers are so popular and what affiliates need to do to develop a superb campaign.

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Understanding the Browser Extensions Industry

As the name suggests, an extension is an additional piece of software that somehow alters, adds, or improves features on your internet browser. Extensions were first introduced in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but they are now supported by all major browsers and are used in a huge variety of settings.

Browser extensions can help correct grammar mistakes, share information on social media, and improve functionality in many other ways, giving users the ability to customize their internet-surfing vehicles to as much as they want.

Google chrome web store

There are so many browser extension CPA offers that it’s hard for affiliates not to notice them,” says Loseva.

Extensions have gained a lot of attention over the last few years because they have to go through a thorough vetting process that includes getting approval from a dedicated policy team.”

This leaves little to no room for unethical practices, explains Loseva, making this a “white-hat” vertical. “Not only this, but extensions can be downloaded directly from the browser’s store and implemented immediately, which gives them a lot of credibility with consumers.”

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In addition to the above, some of the reasons why browser extension offers have become very popular include:

Available in the Most Used Browser

Today, the most popular web browsers are:

  • Chrome – 62.48% worldwide users
  • Safari – 19.94%  worldwide users
  • Firefox – 4.21%  worldwide users
  • Samsung Internet – 3.40% worldwide users
  • UC Browser – 1.97% worldwide users

So, what do all of them have in common? They all support browser extensions in one way or another.”

While Samsung Internet has limited support, the other four on the list all have a wide set of extensions that come from developers who are eager to market their solutions through affiliate marketing. This means that, regardless of the offer, almost every single internet user on the planet is a potential target for your browser extension campaigns.

GEO and Location Requirements

The vast majority of CPA browser extension offers allow multiple GEOs, so you’ll likely be able to run campaigns in your favorite locations and languages. This is valuable because it shortens the learning curve and allows affiliates to try a new vertical in a familiar setting.

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Established Companies and Rising Players in the Browser Extension Vertical

Simply put, the market is already divided into the biggest, most established companies, which include developers like:

  • Linkury
  • BitCro
  • AddonSmash
  • Whiz
  • Imali Media
  • iRonSource

These companies are often sparring for the top spot and focus heavily on attracting users and getting installs through CPA offers. However, as with other tech-based industries, there is always a pool of rising players in the browser extension vertical, which can be very beneficial to affiliates who want to test out different opportunities” says Loseva.

Extensions are Free for Users!

Some of the best things in life are free, including awesome sunsets, starry nights, and browser extensions. “As a matter of fact, this may very well be one of the reasons why extensions are so popular, because they can help improve a browser without having to pay in return,” says Loseva.

That said, this has also pushed developers to find new ways to monetize their software. Some extensions may use ads, create pop-ups, or generate pop-unders that don’t interrupt users, all of which are regarded as acceptable.

According to Loseva, “some extensions may also rig search results or add other extensions without users’ permission, which are usually signs of an unreliable developer.

Flexible Conversion Flows and Large Payouts

“Two of the most attractive features of browser extension offers are flexible conversion flows and the large payouts,” says Loseva. “You can find CPI installation flows as well as offers that only pay once users conduct a search after installing the extension,” which helps weed out incentivized as well as bot traffic.

zeydoo browser extension offer

In browser extension offers, “the average payout for an install stands anywhere between $0.3 to $2, while conversions that are counted after the first search can pay up between $2 and $3, so there are offers out there for everyone.”

It’s important to remember that payouts depend on the browser. While Chrome offers are much more popular and available traffic volumes are huge, the payouts for such offers might not be as high. Firefox offers are less popular, the competition for FF traffic is lower as well, payouts are higher = it’s a great opportunity for affiliates.

How to Choose the Best Creatives for Your Browser Extension Campaigns

As with all of your campaigns, you need to take the time and figure out what creatives you need to work on. Your areas of focus should include:


Pre-landers are an absolute must for browser extension offers. Browser stores aren’t big fans of direct traffic, so you should build an attractive pre-lander and avoid using the extension store URL as the target URL in your campaigns.

Ad Formats

Pop traffic is definitely the best for browser extensions because users get a larger visual of what to expect,” says Loseva. Additionally, interstitials and push notifications are much harder to work with because you have to run many different tests to find the right combination of creative elements, so you’ll want to stick to pop unless you’ve got a monumental budget.

Design and Copy

I’ve seen the best results from affiliates that use a grey backdrop and a few buttons, really simple stuff” Loseva explains. Not only this, but “ads that feature the extension’s terms and conditions with a CTA button also work exceptionally well.

Tips on Choosing the Best CPA Browser Extension Offers

Developing the best campaign for your CPA browser extension offers may not be as easy as more mature verticals. To improve your chances of success, you should:

  • Review the GEOs listed on the offer, the more locations allowed the better for your campaign
  • Check the developer and ensure the company has a good reputation, make sure to avoid suspicious parties at all costs
  • Like other verticals, you should start off with Tier-3 traffic and work your way up to avoid burning your budget in the learning curve
  • Use your tracker for split testing and run 2-3 offers in the same country to determine which one works best for you. Read also: The biggest mistakes while testing CPA offers

Browser Extension Offers to Check out

We’ve asked the Zeydoo team to provide us with the hottest Browser extension offers so you can test them too!

CPA OfferIDGEOVerticalBrowserPayout
Search Power+482?? GB*ExtensionsChrome$0.32

*More GEOs are available

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