How to Test a CPA Offer?

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Regardless of the niche you specialize in, finding CPA offers to promote should not be very difficult. And yes, we simply mean finding the offers that are available, because figuring out which one is the best fit for your marketing platform may be a bit more challenging than that.

Testing CPA offers is a great way to identify the best opportunities for earning more money, which can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run. But, we know that assessing different deals may take a lot of time, especially if you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for.

To help you in your quest to find the best deals in the affiliate realm, we’ll go over a few CPA offer testing tips and discuss the importance of carefully examining each promo.

Why Should You Test the Different CPA Offers?

Before going over the best way to test your CPA offers, we want to briefly highlight the benefits of assessing each deal. Keep in mind that like affiliates, CPA offers can be extremely different. They can vary in industry, requirements, payouts, deadlines, and other aspects.

Finding the perfect offer will enable you to design successful campaigns without having to do any additional leg work. For example, you can choose an offer from an industry that you’re already familiar with, which means you won’t have to make any adjustments to target the right audience.

Likewise, taking the time to test the CPA offers you’re interested in can help you identify which deals are more suitable for your current setup and ultimately improve your chances of success.

How to Test a CPA Offer?

In the vast majority of cases, most CPA offers can be tested in four different steps. You need to test the traffic, ads as well as creatives, pre-landers, and landing pages.

Below, we’ll create an example to discuss the different steps. In the example, the Sweepstake offer has a simple conversion flow (only requires registration), requires the following targeting: Germany, Mobile, Android and a payout of $3.

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Testing Traffic

So, the first step is to choose the ad formats and prepare some creatives for your campaign. For the sake of the example, let’s choose push notifications, although this can differ.

Make sure you purchase the traffic with correct targeting

Remember, your ads should be targeted towards user groups with high activity levels. Choosing groups with high activity is crucial because they are the most receptive demographic. If the offer doesn’t work with this group, it probably won’t work on other activity levels either.

Once you have selected the ad zones you’ll target, you should allocate each one with a budget that is 3x the amount of the payout. In our case, that would be 9$ per ad zone.

Allow your campaign to run without optimization until you have sufficient traffic for analysis. The specific amount of time it needs to run will depend on the traffic volumes you attract. Some campaigns in the US may only need a few hours before you can review them. Other areas, like Hong Kong, may take weeks to achieve the same traffic volume.

Now, it’s time to review the results:

  • Negative Results (There are clicks, but no conversions): These ad zones are not ideal because your creatives may not work, creatives are irrelevant, or there may be technical issues with your ads.
  • ROI close to 0 (Spend = revenue): Shows that the offer has potential and may deliver great results through optimization.
  • Positive Results (Profit!): Represent great results, your creatives are ideal and there is a lot of potential to make huge profits from this offer.

The goal of this whole process is to create a whitelist and a blacklist of the ad zones you test. Best performing ad zones go on the whitelist and vice-versa.

Testing Ads and Creatives

Now that you have a sparking new whitelist of super awesome ad zones, it’s time to focus on your ads. Before testing, remember that you’ll need at least 1000 impressions on each creative in order to analyze it and evaluate its CTR.

At PropellerAds, we offer the ability to use our Smart Rotator to take care of this step automatically or you can choose an external tool like:

Keep in mind that you have to test creatives that are completely different to start with. Once you find the general version that works best, you can start testing little details within the version that attracted the most attention.

Assessing Pre-Landers

Testing pre-landers is relatively simple because it’s a straightforward process. The best way to determine if a pre-lander works is to figure out the number of customers who are redirected to the landing page. You can also test a couple of pre-landers and measure their performance in an ad tracker.

In simple terms, you have to look at three elements:

  • Number of users who arrived at the pre-lander
  • Number of users who were then redirected to the landing page
  • Number of users who converted after arriving at the landing page

Checking Landing Pages

Landing pages are the last element you need to review and perhaps the easiest. To verify if the landing page works, you need to check the number of conversions it produced. Unfortunately, if a landing page doesn’t convert, there’s a strong chance the CPA offer is a bust, so you should move on to the next test right away.

Figuring out which CPA offer is best for you can help you save a significant amount of money and set you up for success. The tips above should help you access each individual CPA offers and allow you to find the best one for your platform.

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