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Do media buyers need media planning? What is a media plan?
Tutorials for Beginners

Ask Media Buyers: Do I Need a Media Plan? 

What is a media plan and do you need it as a media buyer? We asked PropellerAds partners and they shared top media planning insights.

Case Studies

Optimizing Zones: Follow-Along Contest Case Study and Lessons Learned

Optimizing zones and defining efficient strategies. This Follow Along case includes comments from account managers and lessons learned.

eCommerce offers during Lunar New Year

eCommerce Offers During Lunar New Year 2024: How to Increase Your Sales?

How to boost your eCommerce campaign during the Lunar New Year 2024? Here is a quick guide with real offers and creatives to get prepared.

social vertical funnel
Advanced Tutorials

User Acquisition in Social Vertical: How to Make It Work?

Social vertical needs a special approach! In this article, we discuss how to lead your audience through your advertising funnel right to the conversion.

40 % roi for e-commerce campaigns.
Guest Expert

Up to 40% ROI for eCommerce Campaigns: Interview with a Marketing Agency Member

We present an interview with Ibrahim, our partner and marketing agency member, a real specialist in eCommerce campaigns. Hot insights included!

what is a good ctr
Tutorials for Beginners

What is a Good Click-Through Rate, and Is It Important for Your Campaigns?

What is a good click-through rate and why is it important for media buyers and affiliate marketers? Here we explain CTR and give tips on how to boost it.

Popunder Ads

The Ultimate Brand Awareness Guide for Advertisers

What is brand awareness and how can a media buyers boost it with the tools and advertising formats we offer at PropellerAds?

risk management for media buyers
Advanced Tutorials

5 Traffic Acquisition Pitfalls You Can Avoid: Risk Management for Media Buyers

What are the most common risks in affiliate marketing and media buying? How to minimize these risks? Meet the actionable risk management tips for seasoned media buyers.

mobile apps marketing mistakes
Tutorials for Beginners

Common App Marketing Mistakes: How to Deal with Them?

Read about nine most common mobile app marketing mistakes and tips on how to avoid them. Practical recommendations from PropellerAds experts included.

Affiliate influencers and super affiliates
Guest Expert

Affiliate Influencers and Super Affiliates: Who Are They? [+ REAL STORIES]

Affiliate marketing influencers - who are they? How did they become famous? Learn from this article and read their stories and comments!

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