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Keep Your Campaigns Sharp with these 7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools

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Throughout the decades, business owners in almost every industry have realized that they need to keep track of the activities that generate the most revenue and focus on these in order to maintain profitability.

This concept can be applied to many different departments and lines-of-business within a company. Affiliate marketing is no exception, especially because marketers now have the tools they need to track the performance of each campaign.

Affiliate tracking tools give you the ability to optimize your marketing efforts and make the right adjustments to finetune the performance of your ads. Not only this, but you can also see the source of each click and collect data that helps you build better campaigns in the future.

Also, keep in mind that choosing the right tracker can give you insights and features that are more relevant to your industry. But, there are hundreds of different trackers available for affiliate marketers and choosing the best one is not always straightforward.

To help you out, we put together a list of the top 7 affiliate marketing trackers that help you analyze your campaign.

The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Trackers


PropellerAds - Voluum Dashboard
The Voluum Dashboard

About Voluum

Prices, starting from $79 monthly.

The all-around ad tracking software aims to be the advertisers’ dashboard. They provide precise, real-time, granular tracking tech. And also API integrations with all major traffic sources (including with us, PropellerAds). Aside from that, with Voluum you can also get campaign management.

Their tracker is a cloud-hosted solution built on a network of servers scattered around the world. The company boasts its decade-long server uptime. Moreover, they’re recognized as one of the most feature-packed tracking, optimization, and automation solutions on the market.


From superb automation features to comprehensive collaboration options. Voluum has all the tools a marketer needs to build successful campaigns.

  • AI-Powered Traffic Distribution System
  • Auto-rules & API cost synchronization
  • Split Testing
  • Custom Conversions
  • Conversion tracking with postbacks or scripts that use first-party cookies
  • Direct Tracking Script that uses first-party cookies
  • Multiple Bidding Models
  • Visitor journey mapping
  • Anti-Fraud solution (to detect and prevent bots & ad fraud)
  • Optimization calculator
  • Smart rotation
  • Up to 30 different data points
  • Voluum API available
  • Data Grouping (up to 4 levels) and Drill Down (up to 7 levels)
  • Campaign Auto-Optimization
  • Multi-User with different levels of access
  • Workspaces 
  • Shared reports that can be accessed by people outside Voluum
  • Security Specifications: SSL Support
  • Mobile App

Additional Information

Voluum’s main focuses are integrations and reliability. Their aim is to be the solution that always works despite the complexities or challenges of the industry. And no matter if third-party cookies are blocked, your traffic load is high, and/or you have a unique use-case scenario. 

Revealing future plans:

PropellerAds - Daria Plutecka, Product Manager at Voluum
Daria Plutecka, Product Manager at Voluum

Daria Plutecka, Product Manager at Voluum says:

“Voluum is now an almost decade-old solution and throughout this time we have never missed an opportunity to improve it in every way.

We are upgrading Automizer, our prized automation & integration module, with more options and more ad networks. Recently we have added the most requested traffic sources: TikTok, Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo and more.

Overcoming the challenges of the future is our goal: adapting to new ways our customers make money, the demise of third-party cookies, new design standards. 

In a longer perspective, we are planning a major visual overhaul of Voluum that will make it more attractive and approachable plus a complete redesign of our mobile app. We want Voluum to be the same reliable tool as it has always been, and at the same time a platform that brings more and more opportunities to all advertisers.”

PropellerAds - $5 Budget to Test Campaigns

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PropellerAds - AdsBridge Dashboard
AdsBridge Dashboard

About AdsBridge

Prices starting from $29 monthly.

AdsBridge is regarded as one of the best cloud-based tracking tools for affiliates and marketing agencies.

The platform provides an awesome set of features, world-class support, and an intuitive interface, making it one of the most comprehensive trackers on the market today. It perfectly meets the needs of experienced affiliates and newbies.  


Besides giving you all the information you need to make optimal changes to your campaign, AdsBridge also provides unique features to the market. 

  • Over 20 parameters for ultra-precise targeting 
  • Built-in visual editor and HTML editor with ready-made templates 
  • Free highly accurate anti-fraud detector and bot filter 
  • Extremely detailed real-time statistical report (50+ filter parameters and 7 sections for each campaign element)
  • Campaign Auto-Optimization
  • Hide-Referrer and Hide-Funnel Functions
  • Multi-User Access

Additional Information

AdsBridge is already one of the best overall tracking platforms available, and they are still adding features to its impressive repertoire. The software features a scalable infrastructure ideal for growing companies, while processing more than 4 billion clicks monthly.

Revealing future plans:

PropellerAds - Igor Kovalevskiy, AdsBridge CEO
Igor Kovalevskiy,  AdsBridge CEO

Igor Kovalevskiy,  AdsBridge CEO says:

“AdsBridge is a full-stack platform that combines everything an affiliate needs for successful work.

Unique features open new horizons in traffic management. User experience key indicator to moving forward.

We aim to make our users more successful in affiliate marketing.”


PropellerAds - Binom Dashboard
Binom Dashboard

About Binom

Prices starting from $69 monthly.

The basic concept behind tracking software is to reduce the amount of time you invest in optimizing your campaign. Binom is a platform that strives to achieve this mission, reducing the amount of time you need to invest in order to maintain strong performance.


With Binom, affiliates will experience a boost in profitability and functionality, without a complicated interface that requires extensive learning.

  • Unlimited domains (with free SSL certificates), users, amount of rules, data storage time, etc.
  • No-redirects Tracking (Integrated landings and lading page pixel)
  • Ultra-Fast Reporting
  • Instant Click Processing
  • Filters system (including mathematical) for white- and black-lists
  • Split Testing
  • Multi-User Access (Ideal solution for teams: unlimited users with custom access rights)
  • Powerful API with access to all tracker’s functionality
  • Experienced technical support, free tracker installation and server setup + optimization
  • Group campaign reports for cross-analysis

Additional Information

Binom is one of the leaders in processing speed with Click processing time of 5 ms under any server load.

Revealing future plans:

PropellerAds - Roman Ignatiev, Binom CEO
Roman Ignatiev, Binom CEO

Roman Ignatiev, CEO and Founder says: “The main development direction for the coming year is – automation, in all its manifestations. This includes:

#1. Campaigns auto-optimization. Not only by offers/landers EPV, but at a deeper level.

#2. Trigger system, when tracker reacts to events and performs some action such as an alert.

#3. Integration with traffic sources to connect it with auto optimization and triggers. For example, to optimize pubs, or to stop a campaign automatically if something goes wrong.

#4. Integration with affiliate networks for convenient offers import. Also, the following updates will include data visualization and apps tracking.”


PropellerAds - ThriveTracker Dashboard
ThriveTracker Dashboard

About ThriveTracker

Prices starting from $49 monthly.

Versatility is extremely important to compete in today’s business landscape. And ThriveTracker has done an amazing job staying on top of innovation. This next-generation tracking software simultaneously offers a full range of solutions for cloud-based models.


Whether tracking small numbers or a massive volume of traffic, ThriveTracker is ideal for businesses of all models or structures. Their suite of features, combined with the quality of their support team, make them one of the best all-around trackers for affiliates.

  • Multiple traffic source conversion tracking integrations (Facebook API, TikTok API, Yahoo API)
  • ROI Changes and Offer Conversion Cap email notifications
  • World-Class Care Team
  • Landing Page Pixel Tracking
  • Conversion Logs
  • Offer Cap
  • Conversion Currency
  • Funnel Support
  • Bot Filter
  • Multi-User Access
  • Security Specifications: SSL Support
  • Mobile Tracking Options
  • Hide-Referrer Available
  • Javascript Detection Available
  • Reporting API
  • Drill-Down Reporting (up to 3 tiers) and Day-Parting
  • Split-testing of Landers and Offers

Additional Information

It’s also worth noting that ThriveTracker features a free 14-day trial, so you can test-drive the service before purchasing a subscription.

Revealing future plans:

Stephen Ierardi, ThriveTracker’s Director of Sales

Stephen Ierardi, ThriveTracker’s Director of Sales says:

“ThriveTracker has our sights set directly on the following goals and feature releases during the next 12 months: extended improvements of our user experience on mobile devices.

Along with a full suite of programmatic campaign optimization strategies, and further innovation of link-free tracking methods.

We expect performance marketing will see the influence of laws such as GDPR on a global scale. And predict media buyers will react with a tremendous demand for link-free tracking methods (such as Facebook and Google Ads have already mandated).

While these are the big-picture items we plan to bring forward during the next 12 months, our team is constantly applying user feedback for features and quality of life improvements as well.”


PropellerAds - RedTrack Dashboard
RedTrack Dashboard

About RedTrack

Prices starting from $99 monthly.

A typical marketing manager or advertiser has to invest in dozens of tools to help them build successful marketing campaigns. Among others, ad tracker, affiliate platform, other optimization tools, and so on. As a result, these might be both pricey and hard to manage.

RedTrack is the only platform to provide an all-in-one solution that supports most of the tracking and attribution needs in one tool.


RedTrack has all the tools and integrations you need for media buying, affiliate management, API automation, and reporting. Each solution from the platform is powerful alone. But the real magic happens when you use them together.

  • Conversion API support for Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, PropellerAds, etc. 
  • 200+ affiliate and advertising network presets 
  • Click and conversion logs 
  • Automation engine to pause offer, redirect traffic, blacklist placement, and more
  • Performance alerts 
  • Offer caps (click, conversions, unique visits)
  • Report templates and filter presets
  • Multi-user access with permission rules
  • White-label affiliate platform 

Additional Information

RedTrack offers a solid structure, and it’s backed by Affise, a leader in performance marketing software.

Revealing future plans:

PropellerAds - Vlad Zhovtenko, Product Manager at
Vlad Zhovtenko, Product Manager at

Vlad Zhovtenko, Product Manager at, says: “When speaking about our plans for the next year – we will mainly focus on three things:

#1. User experience – improving both user interface and supporting material to create a seamless and effortless experience in setting up campaigns and extracting data; 

#2. Reports and dashboard – RedTrack allows their customers to collect more data than there are in reports now.
So our continuous focus for 2022 will be bringing the data to life through new or improved reports and dashboards. We’ll focus on the customer journey and multi-touch attribution reporting;

#3. Automation – we help customers automate quite a few manual daily operations across 20+ API integrated traffic sources.
In 2022 we will apply accumulated user feedback and our own experience to present the new version of the automation solution.”


PropellerAds - PeerClick Dashboard
PeerClick Dashboard

About PeerClick

Prices starting from $0 monthly.

When you’re in affiliate marketing, there is no worse sin than not tracking your campaigns.

And especially when you’re just starting your affiliate journey you should focus on reducing your ad spends. Dropping any extra payments if possible. PeerClick can save you.

This affiliate tracking platform provides you with profound data analytics and AI-powered optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently.

You get 100,000 events included in the free plan, and there’s no limit to how long you can use it.


PeerClick’s main function is to improve overall ROI and your campaign’s entire performance. And it does so tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and scaling your campaigns. 

The software features an array of smaller and advanced features that help you set a variety of goals.

  • Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Predefined templates
  • Custom Redirect Domains and Fast Redirects
  • AI traffic distribution and auto-optimization
  • Direct tracking pixel
  • Real-time Tracking and Detailed Reports
  • Manual Bot Blacklisting
  • Mobile Tracking Capacities
  • Affiliate Panel with built-in anti-fraud filter and payout calculator
  • Cost Update function to adjust the cost if the one recorded in PeerClick differs from the traffic source
  • Anti-fraud Kit to identify invalid traffic and automatically filter out fraudulent and suspicious clicks
  • Website Protection / Cloaking to go through moderation in the advertising system
  • Report grouping by up to 4 data parameters simultaneously
  • Send postback to define the conversion percentage to be reported to the source
  • Anti-spyware Landing Page Protection
  • Deep Linking to specific content within your website or app
  • Technology that can handle up to 1 billion clicks / day per account.

Revealing future plans:

PropellerAds - Alexei Adamovitch, PeerClick CMO
Alexei Adamovitch, PeerClick’s CMO

Alexei Adamovitch, CMO, PeerClick says: “Today, the variety of tracking solutions for affiliate marketing is represented by a large list of offers.

These solutions can solve both a wide and rather specific scope of problems. Despite all of this, it is possible to distinguish two main concepts.

Some trackers offer a complex solution for all tasks. Others focus on improving the current functionality using new technologies. In this situation, we are trying to find a compromise.

With the help of machine learning for automatic traffic distribution and deep integration between products, we pay much attention to UX. As for pricing, we are planning to move from subscription plans to individual solutions.

It allows getting access to the functionality without unnecessary overpayments. It provides us with focus on the features that are really demanded on the market.”

Tracking Desk

PropellerAds - Tracking Desk Dashboard
Tracking Desk Dashboard

About Tracking Desk

Prices starting from $0 monthly.

Keeping your traffic sources optimized and learning how profitable each one is can help establish a successful affiliate campaign. Tracking Desk is an excellent traffic management and monitoring platform that allows you to integrate and analyze all of your traffic sources.


Tracking Desk’s feature list includes:

  • Intricate Traffic Source Report
  • Bot Filter
  • Unlimited Data Archive
  • Multiple Grouping Options
  • Dozens of Predefined Setups
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Track a Huge Number of Parameters
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Custom Domains
  • Split Testing
  • Import Conversions and Other Metrics

Additional Information

Each company’s funnel is unique, and Tracking Desk allows multiple conversion funnel structures, ideal for businesses that have extensive buyer journeys.

Revealing future plans:

TrackingDEsk Laurent Malka, Founder says: “As for our plan: We plan to add more API integrations with third-party platforms – Ad Networks, Affiliate Networks and marketing applications.

Our take on the future: while tracking is a core feature of our platform, we believe that it is a feature that should be taken beyond the scope of a bilateral campaign.

Digital marketing is evolving toward a 360 scope, which will require the ability to use multi-touch attribution and across platforms.“

Implement the Best Trackers and Optimize Your Campaign

Tracking your campaign’s performance is pivotal to executing a successful marketing plan. Use one of the tools available to dissect and analyze your campaigns. Adjust weaknesses and exploit areas of improvement. 

And if you have any questions you’ve always wanted to ask about trackers, now is your chance. Share them in the comment section below! 

Or just come join our Telegram group, and chat with expert advertisers and affiliates.

Editor’s Note: Originally published in July 2018, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.


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