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what's wrong with redirects
Affiliate Marketing

What’s Wrong with Redirects and What to Do?

How to reduce the number of redirects during the ad tracking process and avoid losing up to 30% of your traffic? Find two efficient strategies in this post!

how to get targeted traffic
Affiliate Marketing

Where to Get Targeted Traffic: The Ultimate Guide for Advertisers and Brands

Getting traffic is one thing, but getting targeted traffic is a different story, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get started.

propellerads-traffic-quality-banner image
Advanced Tutorials

Traffic Quality: How to Get the Best Users [Case Study Inside!]

What is high-quality traffic and how to get it? In this post, we will share the best tips ans strategies on how to improve your traffic quality.

PropellerAds - Social Traffic Monetization Case Study image

[Case Study] How to Earn from Facebook Traffic: $2,500 monthly and +$11 CPM

Monetizing your social media users is simpler with PropellerAds’ Direct Link. See how our partner manages to get $2,500 monthly, and keep a high CPM.

PropellerAds - Outsourcing for Publishers

Outsourcing for Online Publishers: Why and How?

Specialized help is crucial for your website monetization. But what to outsource, and where to find specialists? Answers in the article.

the best conversion trackers
Affiliate Marketing

Keep Your Campaigns Sharp with these 7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools

Correctly tracking campaigns is essential in affiliate marketing. And with the right tool, your task gets simpler. Here are our top suggestions.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Secrets: How to Work with News Traffic?

You can earn significant profit with news traffic - just make sure to follow a thoughtful strategy. And to help you with that, we will share some insights.

Growing Traffic on a New Website

The Essential Guide to Growing Website Traffic for Newbies, Part II

Tricks are worth nothing if you end spending money in vain. So when is it worth paying to grow the traffic on your new website? Read this article for more.

Boosting Traffic with a Push Service

How Do You Get More Traffic with a Push Service?

Are you looking for new ways to increase your website traffic? Try a Push Notifications Service. Strategies for every publisher and more in this article.

top monetization formats 2022

2022 Publisher’s Leading Monetization Formats & Strategies

Craft successful strategies and gather more traffic than you could possibly monetize with top tips from industry experts and PropellerAds professionals.

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