[Case Study] How to Earn from Facebook Traffic: $2,500 monthly and +$11 CPM

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Website monetization can be done in many ways and through various formats. But some types of traffic types are a lot more responsive than others – like social media traffic. With it you can get higher CPM, better engagement rate, and affiliate marketers rushing in to pay large amounts for high volumes. 

So it’s about time we saw another Social Media traffic monetization case study. But, this one will be special. It puts an accent on one of our highly versatile formats – Direct Link. And our partner agreed to show you how to use it to monetize your social media traffic, plus his results. But most importantly: his tricks?! 

Continue reading, to find out everything you need, about how you can succeed at monetizing Facebook traffic with direct links.

A few info about our partner

PropellerAds - Ifeanyi Social Media Publisher

Ifeanyi is one of our Nigerian publishers. And he makes ‘on a good day $100 the least, and about $2,500 per month. While ‘on a normal day, 8k unique visitors are a must’ as he describes. 

He’s self-employed, dedicates all his attention to his website monetization with PropellerAds exclusively, and sees this activity as making a passive income.  

Before starting the social media traffic monetization, Ifeanyi already had a stable database of social users. All by running 5 big social media groups. So, it was simple for him to just share his blog content with the various Facebook groups he managed.

I started growing Facebook groups in 2014. So, when I decided to quit using AdSense and start using PropellerAds, it was so easy for me. Cos I started using my Facebook groups to promote my ads.
I only used my groups to share, that’s how I started making $1k per month

The tactic that Ifeanyi uses is to convert his Direct Links using link shortener programs (such as bitly). This allows him to add Direct Links straight to his social media groups’ posts. And moreover, ensures the link would be live for a longer period of time.

“I prefer using direct ads. But mostly, I run entertainment blogs, and I redirect the blog to my direct ads.

But, he’s also using his blog, where Ifeanyi ensures Direct Links are strategically placed throughout various Call to Action buttons (CTA). And that includes specifically designed CTAs that resemble the actual button, and lead users straight to the Direct Link. 

This way, he can share his content, and social users will follow it back on his blog and start engaging with the links. 

Direct ads, also known as Smartlinks, or Direct Links – the format which allows you to enhance any page with relevant links to profitable and verified offers from our partners. 

Case Study Details:

Website Type: entertainment blog
Testing Period: July 24 – August 24, 2022
Top GEOs: Nigeria, USA, Great Britain, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya
OS: Android and iOS

PropellerAds - Social Traffic Monetization Profit
Direct Link Social Traffic Monetization – August

As he explains, the CPM for Direct Links is particularly good – $11.39. And for the month of August, he registered a pretty impressive profit, of $623. Although it’s not $2,500 our client gets on average, we can clearly understand that it was the Summer Slowdown impacting his income.

In fact, he even shared with us his results from the beginning of the slowdown period, in April, back when we can see that he was making over $2,600 per month, with an average CPM of $9.90:

ProppelerAds - Pre-Summer Slowdown Social Traffic Monetization
Direct Link Social Traffic Monetization – April

As we can see from the charts, the slowdown is easing up on his profits. And gradually dropping more – in June, he made a $1,750 profit with an average CPM of $9.70:

PropellerAds - Social Traffic Monetization Profit June
Direct Link Social Traffic Monetization – June

It is important to understand that these are normal market fluctuations. But also when these periods occur, and prepare for them accordingly. This way, you won’t be taken by surprise.

Just follow Ifeanyi ’s example! 

All he does is create content as usual, then share it on social media. Users engage with his shared content, and end up on his blog. Where they’ll find strategically placed Direct Links throughout various pages, content pieces, creatives, and buttons.

Or straight on the Direct Link, when using this monetization method straight in his posts.

As for the content he shares, he adds that ‘it’s always a viral entertainment news that I post daily, nothing much’.

And if you need help with the installation, that’s also as simple as it gets. Just log in to your cabinet and follow these three steps:

PropellerAds - Generating Direct Link
Generating the Direct Link Tag with PropellerAds 

Then you just have to copy and decide where exactly to paste the link on your website. It can be anywhere between content, images, or even CTA. For more accurate and effective results, use a heat map to see where your users are more likely to click

In our insightful guide to Directs, you’ll also find some useful HTML codes to use with your Smartlink. And we also created more helpful guides to add Direct links to your WordPress website.

Clearly, we were curious to know why he choose to only work with Direct link, and Ifeanyi’s answer didn’t disappoint:

“I only work with direct links because of the high CPM. I redirect from my entertainment blog to my direct link.”

Let’s zoom in on his CPM, during August 17 – August 24:

PropellerAds - Average Weekly CPM on Direct Link
8 days Monetizing with Direct Link – CPM & Profit

No worries, we did the math. That is an $11.74 average CPM over the course of just 8 days. During which he also got over $130 profit.

But that’s not all. The client also shared some more results with us. And in fact, during July 27 and August 18 Ifeanyi managed to get well over $500 from his PropellerAds account.

Moreover, you can use this format, even without placing it in the social media post, or in the absence of a website. Simply by redirecting your users from your Landing Pages with the help of Direct Link. 

Some handy pointers for other novice social traffic publishers

Before we wrap up this case study, we asked our partner to give newbies some handy advice that would’ve been helpful when he was just getting started. And he was kind enough to address some of the most sensitive topics:

How Not to Get Banned by Facebook?

Ifeanyi only uses social media traffic, Facebook, more precisely. He prefers it to organic or paid traffic. Still, it’s not easy getting traffic from Facebook. But this publisher agreed to tell us how not to get banned, when monetizing social traffic through Direct Link:

“Is really hard if you don’t have groups or pages of your own, and sometimes when Facebook does some upgrades, posts won’t be shown to anyone, just like what I am currently facing now. For you not to get banned, don’t post frequently, cos they always see that as spam.”

What is the key to successful social media traffic monetization?

“Buy Facebook groups and Facebook pages ranging from 2m members and above.”

Surprisingly enough, the best trick for your social media monetization strategy is also very easy to achieve. As this publisher puts it “Just get more groups and pages, so that many people see your contents and you earn more.”

In fact, not having bought more groups and pages earlier in his monetization career, is one of the things Ifeanyi reminisces about. So, newbies, take note of our publisher’s advice, and make sure not to repeat his mistake. 

What types of Facebook images/creatives, or maybe real fan page posts you use?

“Is always a viral entertainment news that I post daily, nothing much.”

Could it be so simple, as to really work? From our client’s experience, it appears so. And he’s not the only one to have success with viral entertainment content. 

Why PropellerAds? 

You’re probably as curious as we were, to know what makes our brand better in the eyes of our partners. Here’s what this satisfied publisher had to say:

“Their customer service is satisfactory, especially when you have a good manager. The customer and manager relationship is why I am still with Propeller. One of your competitors has called me even on the phone to come back with them but I refused.”


As Ifeanyi shows, it might be simpler than you think to start monetizing social media traffic. All you need is just a bit of craftiness, and a nose for Facebook groups and pages. Once you’ve got that, you can just post relevant content updates, and take advantage of PropellerAds Direct Links. 

And as you’d have it, we also made up handy guides for you to make your content more appealing, and your website more SEO friendly. But also to show you the best tools and plugins to pump up your traffic generation strategies. Along with plenty other useful materials to make your monetization life simpler.

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Our dedicated Account Managers and help desk guys will be more than happy to assist you with anything else you might need.


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