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The Best Advertising Practices: How to Win the Hearts of Tier 1 Countries? [+Stats]

tier 1 traffic

Tier 1 countries make up the GEO set of every affiliate’s dream. These are the most prosperous high-income regions, like Germany, Spain, France, Italy, USA, US, Canada, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and other plummy destinations. 

Most of the local customers are used to spending significant sums on pleasures and entertainments. At the same time, they are picky and savvy – cheap tricks won’t work with them! So you should be inventive with your creatives and make your strategies 100% thoughtful. 

What is a Tier of Traffic and What Tier Should You Choose?

Along with purchasing power, such countries are also characterized by high traffic prices, severe competition, and serious governmental regulations regarding ads. Entering such a market is not easy, especially if you are a newcomer. 

However, it doesn’t mean that green affiliates should forget about the shiny Tier 1 countries once and forever. You have all chances to win and put crispy dollars in your pocket. 

Today, we will share valuable insights about Tier 1 traffic, reveal some secrets, show you stats, and point the way to success. Read carefully and arm yourself with a pack of practical tips. 

Focus on the offer type and act wisely

Even though there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mastering the Tier 1 countries, we have one universal advice to share with you. The result of your efforts heavily depends on the offer you choose

Here are some extremely important tips from our experts:

1. Pick offers with inexpensive conversions and simple flow

To avoid unbeatable competition against real sharks that already work around profitable GEOs for years, you should keep your eye on the offers with maximally cheap conversions. As for the conversions flow – make sure that users don’t have to perform too many actions to complete them. Simplicity is everything.

Working with cryptocurrency or iGaming might sound very appealing, but hold on and imagine how many sharp-toothed affiliates are already operating there. We bet that you are not inspired by the idea of letting go down the wind. 

Start with something simpler, like dating or utilities – these verticals are popular around Tier 1 countries and convert well. Focusing on one of them, you will have a chance to implement a strategy and evaluate the results pretty fast without losing too much of your cash.

For instance, if the conversion price doesn’t exceed $3, it will cost you about $50 to test and see what works and what – doesn’t. 

2. Limit yourself to a couple of offers

The universe of Tier 1 traffic is bloomy and the embarrassment of riches is totally guaranteed. There are so many offers you might want to try out and all of them look juicy. However, here is another piece of advice to avoid money-loss – cap to one or two picks only.

Focus on a single niche and take a hold of yourself – grabbing twenty offers at once will turn sour. The reason is obvious: to get a revealing insight into Tier 1 traffic and reach the tops, you need to do research, test various price models, ad formats, and do some experiments. And yes, these tests will cost you money, so prepare your wallet! 

Instead of scattering around numerous offers, zero in a single campaign and polish it from the ground up, testing different layouts and searching for the one that works best.  

3. Mind the correlation between ad formats and verticals you choose

As we have already mentioned, dating and utilities are the most suitable verticals for the newcomers aiming at Tier 1 countries. Here is another tip for you – mind the way your ad format interplays with the offer you make. 

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

For instance, Push notifications are great for dating – this format grabs the user’s attention immediately and encourages hair-trigger reaction. When you see a notification that a lady of your dream would like to pick up with you right now, it is really hard to resist. And you end up clicking.

As for the utilities, you should consider using Onclick ads for them. Antiviruses, VPNs, and cleaners work great with Onclicks – you don’t need creatives or warming ups to promote them. The user sees the landing page with the download/install button right away, so the offer feels hot and relevant. 

Some valuable targeting insights: pain points to resolve 

Now let’s get to another important aspect – smart targeting. Indeed, Tier 1 countries have pretty peculiar audiences and you need to have a special approach to them. 

Here is the golden rule to keep in mind: start out from the user’s pain point. An efficient strategy is the one you build on the needs of your potential clients. Mind their problems and demonstrate that you can solve them.

In your offer, you should appeal to the meaning that stands behind the product. Remember that you are selling something more than just software or dating services. Your task is to promote values and address troubling questions. Here is what we mean:

  • Cleaners – address the value of one’s time and offer speed that can be easily achieved by iPhone Accelerator or any other similar app;
  • VPNs – address the issue of safety, anonymous access, and accessibility of resources/materials that might be blocked in particular countries (this usually includes platforms like file sharing sites and streaming services);
  • Dating – show how your offer solves the problem of loneliness;
  • Finance – talk about dreams that come true (opportunity to buy a house, car, start a business, etc.). 

Be creative with your messages and focus on desires, aspirations, and problems – the pain-point approach works perfectly. 

Statistics or “the numbers tell the stories best”

And here comes the dessert: we have prepared some stats to show you. Each of the tables is devoted to a particular Tier 1 country (we have US, GB, CA, AU, and IT in our example). The stats show how different ad formats (namely, Popunder ads, Push ads, and Interstitials) perform around the top verticals. Please mind that we present average stats per one day.

Country: ?? US

Traffic Volumes:

FormatImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %


VerticalImpressionsTraffic share, %Average CPM
Content on-demand5,709,32313%$0.90

Push Notifications

VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPC
Content on-demand17,702,33541,8747%0.24%$0.045


VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPM

As you can see, Americans are really fond of VPNs – this is a leading vertical for all ad formats in this region. Almost 70% of US users stick to VPN to ensure privacy and safe usage of public Wi-Fi, so VPN apps are incontestable champions. Also, we have extensions (browser add-ons), on-demand content, and software on our top list. 

As you can see from our stats, the best combination for America is VPN plus Interstitial or Onclick ads. 

Country: ?? GB

Traffic Volumes:

FormatImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %


VerticalImpressionsTraffic share, %Average CPM

Push Notifications

VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPC


VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPM

Great Britain really likes the finance vertical – loans, cryptocurrency, etc. However, you should keep in mind that the finance vertical is associated with complicated conversions – users are required to perform numerous actions to complete them. This is a pretty tough vertical, so if you are a beginner, think twice before taking it – you will need a significant sum for a test. And, yes, mind the regulations, as well.

Dating takes the second place for both Interstitials and Push. Everything is pretty simple here – your creatives should present pretty girls – preferably they should be typical English Women. 

The other well-converting verticals for this region are Web-Utilities, eCommerce, and VPNs. 

Country: ?? CA

Traffic Volumes:

FormatImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %


VerticalImpressionsTraffic share, %Average CPM

Push Notifications

VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPC


VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPM

In Canada, people really like iGaming. Being a winning vertical, this one is also a complicated one – usually, iGaming is beneficial, but extremely stuffed with affiliate veterans. As we have mentioned before, beginners have low chances here.

However, don’t get frustrated, because VPNs, web-utilities, and dating are also flourishing in Canada. VPNs work especially well with interstitials and bring a nice traffic share. Think about that.

Country: ?? AU

Traffic Volumes:

FormatImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %


VerticalImpressionsTraffic share, %Average CPM

Push Notifications

VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPC


VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPM
Content on-demand10,3182308%2.23%$0.020

Australia demonstrates diverse results. The most converting verticals here are finance, VPNs, sweepstakes, content on-demand, and iGaming. Finance works perfectly with Onclick and Push. 

An Advertiser’s Guide to iGaming Campaigns [Free PDF]

Also, iGaming regulations in Australia are pretty soft and people eagerly play online. However, no matter how juicy iGaming looks, we suggest that you should consider VPNs and content on-demand instead – they are less crowded with strong competitors, as you remember. 

Country: ?? IT

Traffic Volumes:

FormatImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %


VerticalImpressionsTraffic share, %Average CPM

Push Notifications

VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPC


VerticalImpressionsClicksTraffic share, %Average CTRAverage CPM

Italy is pretty interested in finance – it works really well with Onclick and Push. However, as we have already discussed, finance is a complicated vertical, so take a look at sweepstakes, dating, and utilities. They perform pretty well, too. Especially, sweepstakes combined with Interstitial – 51% of traffic share is a nice perspective. 

They also work well with Onclick – compared to the leading finance vertical, sweepstakes show 15% of traffic share, which is only 3% less than finance. 

Our Guide to Financial Campaigns [Free PDF]

Generally, stats show that Onclick is the best format for Tier 1 countries, while Push and Interstitials come next. Choosing the format, you should mind your overall strategy, aims, and types of creatives you would like to include. 


Being ambitious enough to work with Tier 1 countries, fresh affiliates should keep a couple of essentials in mind:

  • It’s expensive 

Yes, advanced countries are not easy to crack and you should prepare for significant spending. You need cash for tests to see which strategy skyrockets. 

  • It’s tricky

Choosing the right vertical is a must. Consider dating, VPNs, cleaners, and utilities as your starting points. Combined with the right ad format and appealing creatives, these verticals can bring you great results. Avoid complicated ones, like finance and iGaming.

  • It’s possible

Don’t you listen to those who say that Tier 1 traffic is not for newbies. It’s hard, but not impossible. A smart approach, money, and a balanced strategy can do wonders. 

By the way, you can discuss Tier 1 traffic in our Telegram Chat. Cool, right?

The idea of conquering prosperous Tier 1 countries is ambitious and takes effort. Arm yourself with our tips, grasp the insights we share, and your campaigns will definitely be more thoughtful. Thoughtfulness brings money – remember about that! Good luck! 


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