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Interstitial Ads

Big page-overlaying banners, for mobile and desktop. Draw all the attention to your message with these highly interactive banners

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Why use Interstitial ads with PropellerAds

Right time - more clicks

Propeller's Interstitials appear at an expected break of users' natural engagement flow. This way users are more likely to click your ads.

Higher engagement

Interstitials cover almost the entire screen, helping avoid banner blindness and improve CTR.

Ready-made templates

6 ready-to-go templates allow PropellerAds user to start an Interstitial campaign faster.

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Eye-catchy ad animation

Attract more attention to your creatives with auto-animated template.

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Advanced automation

Set up conditions to trigger auto changes in your campaign or use AI-based CPA Goal bidding to get higher CR - all to automate campaign management and get a conversion boost.

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Interstitial with CPA Goal for conversion boost

You set the target lead price, we find relevant audience for your offer

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