Lead generation for your Finance offers

The Finance vertical refers to everything that has to do with money: getting, storing, or investing them. And how do you get one of the most sought-after audiences? With powerful features, high-performing formats, and relevant ad placements.


of attracted users converted on Finance offers in 2021

Up to 200%

Higher CTR with Push badges


Higher ROI on Interstitial using CPA Goal


Largest vertical based on the number of impressions


Top ad formats to promote Financial offers


Fin Survey

Credit Card



6 steps for high-quality leads for Finance CPA offers with PropellerAds

Ad formats to stand out

Choose the format to deliver your ad message in the most meaningful way: Push Notification, In-Page Push, Interstitial, Pop, Direct Click, or all of them.

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Get more quality leads

Focus on high-ROI customer acquisition with totally new audiences delivered by trusted supply partners and PropellerAds anti-fraud technologies.

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Goal-oriented pricing models

Our classic, smart, and CPA-based bidding models will help optimize the budget spending and save time on ad campaign management.

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CTR-boosting creative templates

Give extra visibility to your ads using pre-made creative templates with customizable elements and animation to engage your audience.

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Additional income opportunities

Get up to 35% more profit from your landing page visitors with the ProPush tool. Add the tag to your main CPA offer’s page and we’ll do the rest.

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Educational and practical support

Articles, webinars, tutorials, and case studies. Tips, tricks, and tactics for your Finance promo campaigns are on our blog and YouTube channel.

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Trusted supply partners for any CPS, CPL, and FTD Finance offers

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Top ad formats to promote Financial offers


Popunder / Pop Ads

Full-tab ads opening behind main browser window and providing huge creative space

More about Popunder ads

Push Notifications Ads

Short personalized messages delivered to your audience even when they are not browsing

More about Push ads

Interstitial Ads

Highly clickable static or animated banner, overlapping website content

More about Interstitital ads

In-Page Push Ads

Browser-based native-look notifications for all platforms, iOS and MacOS included

More about In-Page Push ads

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