In-Page Push Ads

Browser-based notifications for all platforms and devices, iOS and MacOS included. They look native and don't require users’ opt-in consent

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Why use In-Page Push ads with PropellerAds

All devices and platforms

With CPC as low as $0.001, In-Page Push ads are displayed on any device with a browser, including those running with iOS and MacOS.

Engaged audience

In-Page Push ads don’t fall under browser restrictions and appear on websites when users are actively surfing. Expect higher CTR and CR.

User activity targeting

Reach more engaged users faster with pre-made user activity segments and tailor your ad strategy to your business goals.

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Auto-optimization with CPA Goal

Set your target conversion price, and our algorithms will find the right audience across multiple sources.

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Interest and demographic targeting

Such targeting is your access to custom-made and more relevant in-page push ads audience gathered by interests, age, and gender.

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In-Page Push with CPA Goal

You set the target lead price, we find relevant audience for your offer

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