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97% of our partners name traffic quality as PropellerAds' #1 advantage

To prove them right, we apply the most advanced anti-bot technology on the market, protecting your budget from invalid activity

Find quality audience
ISAE 3000

Proven high quality of ad delivery, campaign moderation, and invalid sources filtration

iab Europe member

Helping the community with improved strategies for beating ad fraud and advancing ad ethics

ISO 27001

International certification standart for informational security

Our partners - about supply quality

I’ve been working with propellers for 5 years. The most important thing, they do a great job of growing a large network of exclusive exclusive partners with high-quality traffic.


Media buyer

I would like to note the quality of traffic on the platform, which, IMHO, is the benchmark for the entire push notification market.


Entropy Ads

Our ad fraud firewall for brands, agencies, and affiliates

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Essential audiences

PropellerAds is famous for its anti-fraud policy, one of the strictest on the market. We follow this policy and choose only those traffic partners which comply with it.


Advanced anti-fraud system

We use real-time data analytics and mimic bot behavior to teach AI algorithms to track, block, and prevent invalid activity. Such behavioral insights are the most advanced way to provide brand-safe advertising.


Manual review of flagged activity

PropellerAds users can always alert us about suspicious traffic activity in real-time. We review each case individually and use such cases to update our bot tracking algorithms.

Fraud prevention in monthly numbers


Fraudulent requests eliminated


Bot impressions blocked


Fake click filtered out

What are your benefits?

Money spent on REAL users

Your budget doesn’t go bust, because with anti-fraud protection the cash is allocated strictly based on your targeting. Only real people will see your ads.

Lower marketing investments

You pay less for real users. Because quality ad viewers are more likely to convert, you see clear trends without spoofed statistics, and better plan your campaigns.

Better campaign performance

Use clean stats to evaluate your ad campaign performance against benchmarks and KPIs. Allocate the budget to campaigns that drive action.