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New Feature: Auto Creatives Generated with ML for Top Performance


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How much time do you usually devote to tailoring creatives? Getting an engaging image of the right size, making sure it attracts users, then – testing, retesting… Sounds daunting, huh?

Things will change radically, because PropellerAds presents a brand new groundbreaking feature – efficient Auto Creatives.

Now, PropellerAds partners up with an image auto-generation service, so you can benefit from Auto Creatives made with the help of machine-learning algorithms. As such, you can skip the daunting preparations and rapidly test new offers as well as scale your existing campaigns.

We are excited to tell you more, so read on.

You definitely should try Auto Creatives if:

  • You have never tried Push Ads and have no experience in tailoring creatives.
  • You don’t have time to search for copyright-free and relevant images to tailor engaging Push creatives. Now we will take care of all that.
  • You want to A/B test new offers and optimize campaigns faster with ready-to-go, relevant and efficient creatives.
  • You are ready to experiment with new auto-generated creatives and add them to your already-converting offers to expand opportunities. This way, you have all the chances to strengthen your current campaign and see if your CTR and CR would grow.  

So, yes, Auto Creatives is another PropellerAds’ feature based on machine learning that adds even more automation to your advertising setup workflow. This is a perfect option for advertisers who don’t have expertise in tailoring efficient Push creatives or simply don’t want to spend time making ones.

How does the Auto Creatives feature work?

Available verticals: all of them! Social, Utilities, Finance, iGaming, and more

Ad formats: Push and In-Page Push (IPP)

To try Auto Creatives, you just need to log into your PropellerAds account, create a Push/In-Page Push campaign, and activate the corresponding toggle. Easy!


In total, your campaign will have 8 creatives. You can mix – add your own ones, and the rest will be added automatically. 

Say, if you want to add 4 of your own creatives, another 4 will be included by the system in the list.  

Bonus: prompt FAQ

Q: Can I see the automatically added creatives?

A: Yes, you could see them in your campaign settings, right in your PropellerAds account, before you launch the campaign. If you want to see Auto Creatives before starting the campaign, uncheck the “Automatically start campaign after moderation” option before pressing the big blue button. This way, you’ll have a chance to review the creatives and pick the ones you prefer before the campaign starts.

Please note that this screenshot is an example. You may not see this creative in your campaigns.

Q: Can I edit the automatically added creatives?

A: Even though the automatically added creatives are not editable, you can copy the best-performing ones to other campaigns, or even use them as a source of inspiration. Plus – you can turn active creatives in your campaign on and off whenever you want to. 

Q: Where can I see and analyze the performance of my generated creatives?

A: Once your campaign is launched, analyze your creatives’ performance in Statistics: see what works best for your campaign and what doesn’t. 

Q: Can I use particular generated creatives for other campaigns?

A: Yes, you can copy the most converting creatives’ IDs for similar campaigns or download them to create even more attractive ones!

Q: In what language are the Auto Creatives generated?

A: Currently, Auto Creatives are generated only in English.

Try Auto Creatives now!

With the Auto Creatives feature, you boost ads automation and will be able to test multiple creatives in a single click, without spending time on creating ones! So, if you are not sure which creatives will work for your particular offer, rely on the algorithms – they will do the work for you! 


Have questions about Auto Creatives? Want to share your impressions? Welcome to our Telegram Chat!


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