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Customer pain points
Tutorials for Beginners

No Pain, No Gain: How to Understand Your Customer’s Pain Points

Learn the top effective methods to identify and address your customer pain points for your campaigns success.

The Best AI Art Apps

Best AI Art Apps 2024: Your Creative Boost

Discover the top AI art apps of 2024 that are changing digital creativity and advertising. Explore features, reviews, and comparisons here!

Platform Updates

Auto Creatives Feature FAQ: You Asked, We Answered

Learn everything you wanted to know about Auto Creatives, a powerful time-saving feature for fast creatives adding.

Platform Updates

New Feature: Auto Creatives Generated with ML for Top Performance

We present Auto Creatives - a new machine-learning based feature that will save your time! Try automatically added Push creatives now!

5 ways to fail ai creatives
Ad Trends

5 Ways You Definitely Can’t Generate AI Creatives for Ad Campaigns

We have tested AI creative image generators and proudly share with you our most epic failures. Plus tips and tricks for creating images

conversions on halloween
Ad Trends

The Darkest Conversions: Halloween Creatives for Different GEOs

It's Halloween! Let's go beyond the 31st of October and share Halloween creatives for GOEs with special traditions: China, Japan, Romania, and Mexico!

propellerads-world-cup-copyright-banner image
Affiliate Marketing

World Cup Copyright in Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: Play It Safe

An affiliate marketer who wants to run offers during the World Cup? Check out the copyright guidelines for your creatives. What is allowed and what is not?

propellerads-buyer-personas-banner image
Affiliate Marketing

7 Football Fans Buyer Personas: Score Your World Cup Goal

How to successfully target football fans? This guide is a hint: meet seven fan buyer personas and learn what ads they will like

lessons for affiliate marketers

Bridgerton: What Affiliate Marketers Can Learn from These Series?

Discover affiliate marketing lessons from Bridgerton. Dive into strategy, storytelling, and audience engagement. Learn more now!

creatives for utilities - how to make them
Tutorials for Beginners

How to Make Converting Creatives for Utilities: Dos and Don’ts

Utilities is a great vertical for pros and beginners. Let's talk about creatives for Utilities campaign and see which work efficiently

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