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Storytelling techniques
Advanced Tutorials

7 Storytelling Techniques for Affiliate Marketers

Uncover potent storytelling methods for affiliate marketers. Elevate engagement, drive conversions, and captivate your audience!

Creative Trends
Ad Trends

Creatives Fashion 2019: What’s Trending This Fall

Some creatives burn out in a couple of days, and some keep bringing profit for months. It’s hard to predict the outcomes of new creative strategies

shocking content
Affiliate Marketing

Shocking Content: Is It a Yay or Nay?

Discover how shock advertising grabs attention, evokes strong emotions, and influences consumer behavior through controversial and provocative content

Where to find free images
Tutorials for Beginners

Where to find FREE images?

Explore the best sources for free images perfect for affiliate marketing campaigns. Enhance your content without breaking the bank. Start today!

gaming creatives for native ads
Affiliate Marketing

The Power of Psychology: How to Craft Gaming Creatives that Work

Discover the potent blend of psychology and creativity in gaming. Learn to craft compelling experiences that captivate and engage

How to test ad creatives

How to Test Ad Creatives for Push Notifications

Discover effective strategies for testing ad creatives in push notifications to optimize engagement and drive conversions efficiently

Nutra Pre-Landers
Affiliate Marketing

Nutra Pre-Landers: Sure-Fire Ways to Convert

The nutra vertical is regarded as a high-converting niche that can produce amazing results. Creating your own pre-lander can be much trickier

Pre-lander what-is-it-and-how-it-works

How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with a Pre-Lander

We’ll discuss the basic concept behind pre-landers, go over the most common types, and tell you what elements they need to help improve your conversions