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Nutra Pre-Landers: Sure-Fire Ways to Convert

Nutra Pre-Landers

Have you ever eaten at an amazing restaurant, then tried to replicate the meal you had in your house? Even if you try your best and get very close, there’s a good chance it just won’t be the same. Getting the right ingredients is a great start, but the only way you can cook the same meal is by using the same technique as the restaurant’s chef.

The same concept can be applied to Nutra campaigns. The Nutra vertical is regarded as an ever-green, high-converting niche that can produce amazing results. There’s a good chance you’re seen Nutra pre-landers in action before – but creating your own versions to help boost performance can be much trickier than it seems.

Below, we’ll go over the importance of pre-landers and tell you how to use them to improve conversions in your Nutra campaign.

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The Secret Sauce to Nutra Success

The Nutra industry has earned a reputation for being extremely profitable, but you also have to figure out the best approach for this niche. Although your content and creatives should be unique, you also need to use pre-landers that boost engagement and allow you to increase your conversion rates.

Pre-landers can help you prepare users for the offer landing page. They should provide enough information to keep customers engaged and tilt the scales in your favor during the users’ decision-making process.

Using a pre-lander to prepare each visitors can yield great results, but you have to take the time to develop awesome creatives that spark your audience’s interests.

How to Build Nutra Pre-Landers that Convert

Pre-landers can take different shapes, but they all serve the same purpose. These pages are designed to soften users and give them enough information to make the best decision. This is extremely useful in Nutra, where consumers are always looking for fact-driven information to justify their purchases.

Here are some techniques that can help you create better pre-landers for your Nutra campaign.

Just FYI, all the examples are taken from open sources – AffBank

A Story That’s Easy to Relate To

Consumers hate to feel as if they are being sold something. Instead of going for a direct pitch, you can always tell a story that your readers can relate to, which will create an emotional connection with your audience. In most cases, the story should feature a person ‘just like them’ who managed to lose a certain amount of weight, overcome bad habits, or achieve a similar goal.

Before and After Images

Before and after images became extremely popular in television advertising because they have a powerful psychological effect. Folks will see the contrast between shots, ingraining the idea that the product must be effective.

Dynamic Content and Interactive Elements

Dynamic page content gives users a sense of urgency and can help boost conversions across the board. Countdown timers and dynamic visitor counters are great tools in these scenarios, but you can also get creative and include a time stamp of the last order as well.

Additionally, you can implement interactive infographics, simple games, and other elements that help keep customers engaged.

Reassuring FAQs Section

Consumers tend to have similar questions, regardless of the type of Nutra product. The main ones are:

  • Is this actually free?
  • How long will the shipping take?
  • Are all ingredients safe?

To answer these, and boost conversions at the same time, you can create a pre-lander that has an FAQ section. But, make sure you keep the answers positive and prevent going into extensive details that may end up raising more inquiries.

Proof of Product Safety

Similarly to the last point, consumers are always looking for proof of product safety. Your pre-lander can highlight all the safety standards that the product meets, medical endorsements, and highlight other details that prove the product is not dangerous.

By the way, we recommend reading an article: What dietary supplement marketers must know about FTC claim substantiation standards

Medical Information

Some users are more interested in the results rather than the ingredients. Going over the medical information like active components, usage statistics, or explaining how the product works can also increase conversions throughout your campaign.

Step-By-Step Guide or Walkthrough

Nutra products vary in shape, size, and purpose. Some may be supplements that are taken in pill form. Others can be a bit more complex, which can confuse users and stop them from completing the conversion flow.

To counter this, you can use a pre-lander that serves as a walkthrough or step-by-step guide. That way, users will understand the product and feel like they are getting information from a valuable source they can trust.

Tutorials and Other Video Content

Tutorials and rich media resources are super engaging, so including them in your pre-landers is an awesome idea. That said, remember that the information on the videos should be helpful, so keep direct advertising to a minimum here!

Testimonials and Reviews

In some cases, advertisers can provide resources like user images or consumer testimonials. These can help you create a more legitimate campaign and highlight the value your product can deliver. And, it gives users something they can relate to right off the bat.

Secure Payment

Some conversions require users to introduce credit card details or other types of payment information. In these cases, your pre-landers should always include a section on how secure the payment gateway is.

And, if the seller offers a satisfaction guarantee, you can always use language like “try it risk-free” or “money-back guarantee” to attract more attention.

The Nutra vertical is among the most exciting niches in the world of affiliate marketing. By implementing the right pre-landers, you can develop superb campaigns and ensure that your conversion metrics are where they need to be.

The tips above should help you design the best pre-landers for your Nutra campaign, regardless of the type of product you’re promoting.

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