Nutra Success: How to Choose a Health & Beauty Offer

How to Choose a Health & Beauty Offer

There are dozens of industries and sub-categories that affiliates operate in, but not many receive as much attention as nutraceuticals. Known simply as nutra, this industry generates billions of dollars every year, so it’s normal for affiliates to want a piece of this enormous pie.

Besides being a great moneymaker, the Nutra vertical is highly visual and requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior, which makes it perfect for affiliate marketing.

In this article, we’ll define the nutraceuticals and provide a few tips to help you choose the best Nutra offer.

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Breaking Down the Nutra Vertical

The nutraceuticals industry is expected to generate a staggering 319.6 billion US dollars by 2023, and affiliate marketing will be responsible for generating a significant portion of that projection.

But, before going over tips on how to monetize from these offers, let’s discuss the definition of nutra. The term “nutraceuticals” encompasses all products that come from food sources and have an additional benefit besides nutritional value. This can include products that relate to:

  • Weight management and diet
  • Antioxidants and vitamins
  • Athletic performance
  • Hormones and similar supplements
  • Male and adult enhancement
  • Brain support and overall well-being
  • Skin care and natural hair beauty

Like other verticals, nutra offers can have different pricing models and CPA is among the most popular. You can check out our blog on how to choose CPA offers with the highest conversion rates to learn more.

Popular GEOs and Offer Types

Since the early days of affiliate advertising, Nutra has been one of the most profitable verticals because these products appeal to consumers around the globe. Below, we’ve put together a list of the most popular GEOs and offer types that you can usually work with.

GEO Popular offers
Africa Diet & food supplements (like keto weight loss), skin whitening and haircare
Thailand Diet & food supplements, male health products and parasite treatments
India Diet & food supplements, male health products, haircare, ayurvedic herbs (for instance, oils, teas, etc.) and parasite treatments
Philippines Diet & food supplements, male health products (for example, liver supplements) and parasite treatments
Germany International cosmetic brands (DR Hauschka, Maybelline, L’Oreal, etc.) and teeth whitening
France International cosmetic brands, diet & food supplements and teeth whitening
USA, Canada, UK Diet & food supplements, prescription drugs, teeth whitening

How to Choose the Best Nutra Offer

In order to choose the best offer, you have to focus on three main aspects. These are the product itself, the payment model that’s available to the customer, and the resources you receive from the network or advertiser.

1. Inspect the Product Thoroughly

Like most other affiliate offers, the first step is to inspect the product itself. You should:

  • Check Its Popularity

Always conduct research to verify the popularity of the product being promoted. Many goods are seasonal, so make sure the offer makes sense from a logistical point of view. For instance, suntan lotion and dietary supplements work better during summer, or as many call it, “beach body season”.

  • Review Recent Trends

By reviewing Google Trends and similar tools, you’ll also make sure the product hasn’t been over marketed and that it’s still a profitable option. Some advertisers are still looking to promote green coffee and other products that have been burnt out over the last few years, so they don’t produce good results.

Google trends _Green coffee

  • Ensure that the Pricing Works in Your Favor

The actual price of the product will also influence the success of your campaign. It’s important to find a good balance, especially in Nutra offers. The offers that have the lowest price point will attract a higher number of users, but the sales volume might not be enough to yield a profit.

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You also need to correlate the price of the product with the quality of your traffic. Low-quality traffic will usually translate to users who can’t afford to pay for the goods you’re promoting.

  • Detail the Unique Selling Point

The best time to catch a trend is when it’s just emerging. If the product solves a problem that’s hard to treat, uses unconventional ingredients, or has another unique selling point, it’ll be easier to build a successful campaign.

As part of this step, you should also verify if there are other products in the market that have the same benefits. Moreover, you should always ensure that the product solves a specific issue, like hair loss or insomnia. If it solves one specific issue that’s easy to identify, you’ll have an easier time generating attractive ads and promoting the offer later on.

Need some inspiration? Check our Nutra case strudies: Black Latte, Hair Grow Plus, Ecospray.

2. Verify Customer Payment Method

Different offers can have various payment models for customers, the most popular being:

Direct Sales

direct sales

Image via AffBank

A conventional model where customers pay full price for the product online.


cash on delivery example

Image via AffBank

In this payment model, users are only required to leave their contact details if they are interested. Later on, the advertiser will contact each user and confirm the offer. Once confirmed, the client issues payment upon delivery.

These Nutra offers can seem easier to convert, but they may have lower conversion rates because customers can change their minds at any point. Which, needless to say, is a big problem in countries where people avoid online transactions.

Trial Offers


Image via AffBank

Trial offers provide free samples to customers once they provide their address and credit card information. After 15 to 30 days, the customer will receive the product again and pay the full price for it, unless the order is canceled of course. The recurring billing will continue until the customer cancels the recurring payment.

Keep in mind that advertisers analyze the quality of your leads based on the rebilling rates. High rebilling rates translate to quality leads, but if the cancellation rate is too high, you may want to reassess your creatives.

3. Explore Resources and Materials

Lastly, you’ll need to review the resources and materials that you have available.

  • Landing Page Provided by Network/Advertiser

Landing pages are extremely important for the success of any Nutra campaign. To make your life a lot easier, you can look for offers where networks and/or advertisers provide quality landing pages. Make sure you click through all the steps to verify they actually work!

  • Relevancy and Context

The niche you choose needs to be relevant to your field of expertise. Also, check out the landing page content and figure out if you’ll need a pre-lander. Note that most CPA networks will provide options for you to choose from, so consult with your account manager to figure out which one has the highest chance of converting.

  • Use a Spy Tool to Carry Out Research

Instead of going with your gut feeling, always use spy tools to determine what landing pages will actually work. Then, you can choose the option that has the best chance of success. More about spy tools

Stay Tuned for More on Nutra and Other Industries

Nutra offers may be hard to conquer, but provide a great opportunity to make a pretty penny. The tips above should help you choose nutraceutical offers that have the highest chance of success.

Next week we’ll be covering the creatives that perform best with Nutra offers and show you some examples of what you should be doing, so stay tuned.

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