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Nutra Webinar: Your Questions, Our Answers

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This time around, we thought it would be a good idea to review a completely different topic: not an ad format by itself, but a vertical!

We would like to thank everyone who attended our Nutra webinar – you were asking really smart, probing questions. We hope to meet you more often 🙂

Now it’s time to answer all your questions. Although not all your questions were Nutra related, we decided to answer them anyway.

Need to re-watch the webinar? Here you go: How to run Nutra campaign with Native Ads

Piotr Czarnecki: What is your opinion on before/after weight loss pictures on the ad?

Propeller: From a psychological standpoint, before/after images are a powerful tool. With this kind of images, you create a contrast that is needed for people to make a decision. As you may know, we always need a context to evaluate something – we don’t make decisions in complete isolation.

We compare and analyze. So, for example, if you take just an “after” picture – it might not look as impressive by itself, as if you were showing how a person used to be before.


So, with contrast you can make your ads much more persuasive and relatable – there’s already a story created with just 2 images. In other words, if you have before/after images – test them in your ads!

More about psychology and creatives here: The Reasons Why Your Native Ads Aren’t Working

Armen Sar: Why the ROI is lower than 100%? How are you guys calculating them?

Propeller: Why did the case studies have an ROI lower than 100%? The primary reason is that we chose REAL cases. Of course, for the sake of the webinar, we could, you know, “fix” a bit the stats. But we decided not to. Because we were aiming to show replicable cases, and our affiliates would have realistic expectations.

How do we calculate ROI? Here’s a formula we are using: ROI = (Revenue – Investment) / Investment.

By the way, here you can find our case studies

Mike Wreggitt: Are non-tier 1 countries more subject to click fraud?

Propeller: Actually, no – it’s a global problem. And Tier-1 countries might be even at higher risk, because traffic and leads are much more expensive there, so fraudsters see these GEOs as a great opportunity.

Without a doubt, Tier-3 countries also have significant fraud volumes just because it’s easier and to carry out the new attacks. It’s cheap to rent servers, buy IP addresses, and hire people to manage this infrastructure.

We are blocking about 250 M fraudulent requests monthly, and according to our own statistics, the GEOs most prone to ad fraud are:

  • India
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The U.S.
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • South Korea

You can read more about the ways we prevent fraud here.

Dmitry Kuplevatsky: What does the quality of PUSH traffic depend on? Does fraud exist in PUSH traffic?

Propeller: When we just released this ad format, the situation on the market was considerably more favorable than this year. Fraudsters didn’t have the technologies to imitate human interaction with Push.

But, obviously, things have changed – Push ads market grows fast, and now we are more careful than ever when reviewing publisher requests (i.e., what websites we are adding to inventory). To reduce the risks, we work with our own inventory (direct publishers) and try to avoid middlemen.

Also, we’ve introduced multiple monitoring procedures to prevent Push fraud like real-time verification, activity monitoring, behavioral modeling – all that to identify abusive patterns.

We realize that fraudsters will invent new stuff to cheat, but we have an entire department working to protect our clients.

Irakli Tsetskhladze: In case of lead generation campaigns, what is an average CTR? Are there any standards for lead generation ads?

Propeller: Definitely, the performance varies for different types of campaigns, GEOs, verticals, even creatives. But you can see the averages to get an idea in our Push report.

Nitin Sethi: Why is push traffic so unstable? Sometimes I see 100+ ROI and same campaign other days negative ROI. How to decrease these fluctuations?

Propeller: We can’t really talk about ROI, simply because we don’t know what offer you are promoting.

But if you see fluctuations in your ROI, perhaps you should do the following steps:

  • Create your whitelist and launch with this whitelist (don’t forget to update it, though)
  • Change creatives frequently – they burnt out very fast on Push
  • Select “High” user activity targeting (it usually helps to stabilize the performance)

Dmitry Kuplevatsky: What is the future of PUSH traffic? How long can you keep the same quality and volume?

Propeller: We prepared a BIG report about Push trends and stats. But if you are not into detailed analysis, statistics, and financial forecasts; here are some highlights:

  • Further regulation tightening – all the “trashy” sources, collecting databases in illegal ways, most likely will be forced out of the market.
  • The volumes are about to grow – Push traffic is too hot right now.
  • We are about to see even deeper integration of Push with other marketing tools and channels.
  • As for iOS Push and Google ban – you can read in the report  🙂

Have more questions? Literally, anything else you can discuss on our busy Telegram chat. If you are more of “comment” person – feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below.


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