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Case_Study - Dating - BRazil - Oisecret

[Case Study] $5934 with Mainstream Dating for Brazil (ROI 150%)

Oisecret is a mainstream dating in-house offer for Brazil by a CPAmatica affiliate network. You get paid for the deposit.

Valentine's day - verticals and formats
Affiliate Marketing

Formats & Verticals: Find Your Perfect Match

All is fair in love and... affiliate marketing. On a quest for a perfect format & vertical combination, affiliates spend thousands of dollars for optimization and testing...

NativeAds - promo
Our News

[Promo Alert] Get $250 Bonus with Native Ads

How about we announce a NEW exciting promo? Run Native campaigns, get great leads, and we will reward you with a $250 bonus. Sounds cool?

Creative Trends
Ad Trends

Creatives Fashion 2019: What’s Trending This Fall

Some creatives burn out in a couple of days, and some keep bringing profit for months. It’s hard to predict the outcomes of new creative strategies

PropellerAds Dynamic content native ads
Advanced Tutorials

Cracking the Code: Using Geolocation for Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are a great way to boost conversions. Traditionally, affiliates create multiple native campaigns for different areas with content tailored to that specific lo...

shocking content
Affiliate Marketing

Shocking Content: Is It a Yay or Nay?

There’s a sub-branch of affiliate marketing that specializes in using shocking content to draw attention, generate clicks, and get conversions. And, although it’s bet...

gaming creatives for native ads
Affiliate Marketing

The Power of Psychology: How to Craft Gaming Creatives that Work

Here are 11 psychology-backed strategies to improve the performance of your native gaming ads. Consumers who are interested in gaming offers like to submerge themselves i...

PropellerAds Smart Rotator Native ads
Platform Updates

Sparkling Native Updates: Smart Rotator + Target CPA

We are excited introduce two essential tools for Native ads: Smart Rotator and Target CPA. These features are already familiar to Push Notifications fans

strategies for dating offers

Creative Strategies for Dating Offers: Perfect Match Found!

Want to steal the most dazzling ideas for dating campaigns from our conversions optimization team?No need, we are giving them away during our FREE webinar on August 20.

native ad strategy

Native Ad Strategy: How to Test and Succeed

As the name suggests, native ads are adverts that are designed to look like part of a website’s content. These ads are engineered to mimic the function, feel, and overa...

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