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The Power of Psychology: How to Craft Gaming Creatives that Work

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Have you ever wondered why traffic signs are red? Or why some company logos look like smiling faces? Although these questions may seem different, they actually have the same answer: psychological influence.

Whether we like it or not, our subconscious plays a major role in our decision-making process. As an affiliate marketer, you can (and should!) consider the psychological factors that affect your audience and use them in your favor, especially if you are looking to combine native ads with gaming offers.

That said, identifying and understanding these patterns can take a lot of time, especially in this diverse niche.

To make things a bit easier, we’ll break down the power of psychology, tell you why native ads work well with gaming offers, and give you a few tips to employ this technique in your campaigns.

Why are Native Ads the Best Choice for Gaming Offers?

Native ads are becoming one of the preferred formats for a variety of industries, but none of them produce the stellar results that gaming offers have been delivering.

Consumers who are interested in gaming offers like to submerge themselves in a world of fantasy, and native ads allow affiliates to interact with these users without bursting their bubble. Most users appreciate this, which means they are more receptive to the content and, eventually, the offers they are redirected to.

In addition to the above, learning about the other psychological factors that influence their state of mind can significantly improve the performance of your native gaming ads.

11 Psychology-Based Strategy for Your Native Gaming Ads

There are dozens of different approaches you can take when it comes to building a gaming campaign. But, after doing some research, we’ve identified some of the most effective strategies.

And, guess what? Many of them focus on consumer psychology.

Here are 11 psychology-backed strategies to improve the performance of your native gaming ads. 

Fake Warning

The first strategy we identified was the “fake warning” technique. As the name suggests, you use reverse psychology to lure players by telling them that they shouldn’t play the game for whatever reason, then their interest takes over.

Age is usually a good choice, but you can also get creative and experiment with other limitations. Additionally, your ads should also include one of the game’s characters or something that can be related to the limitation you choose.

PropellerAds_Gaming creatives_fake warning

Location Fever

People who enjoy gaming like the feeling of camaraderie, like if they belong to something bigger. You can use dynamic content to encourage people to play your game by using their location, and telling them that everyone in their area is doing it. That said, keep in mind certain GEO details to ensure the claim at least seems realistic.

propellerAds_location_gaming creatives

Mystery and Intrigue

Emotions are a powerful influencer in all the decisions we take. So, affiliates that want to combine gaming and native ads need to learn which emotions are the most powerful.

Curiosity is one of the driving factors that all humans have. It motivates consumers to find answers. It can also be the reason why people watch movies they don’t really like or try food they won’t enjoy.

But, why do these things anyway? Because finding out how you feel about something is a million times better than not knowing at all.

PropellerAds_gaming_mystery and intrigue

Use the Best-Looking Characters

Humans are visual creatures and we are drawn to attractive images. Not only this, but we also relate to characters and try to understand their personality through their appearance. You can attempt to build a connection with your targets by using the best looking, most realistic characters in your creatives.

PropellerAds_gaming_realistic characters

The “Free” Hook

Although some may not feel too comfortable with this technique, using the “free” hook can actually improve the number of conversions you get. You have to be slick about it – make consumers feel like they are getting value from the game without costing anything, then redirect them to the offer page.

Promise a Reward

Positive reinforcement is the act of giving users a pleasant or positive experience after they have completed the desired action. This can also be framed as promising a reward to users, but make sure you actually come through to keep your audience happy and loyal.

Rational and Technical Decisions

In many cases, users want to download a game but they also need to justify their decision. You can help reassure their choice by including technical details, which help convince users that they are making the rational decision (not emotional) when downloading your game.

Technical details _gaming offer

Protect Your Mobile, Play on PC!

There’s no denying that most consumers are attached to their phone. You can always play on this factor and push players to use their PC, rather than killing their mobile’s battery.

PropellerAds_gaming creatives_play on pc

Listicles and Useful News Articles

It’s normal to search for useful information like walkthroughs and other types of article. If your ads seem like listicles and news articles, you’ll attract users who are trying to find details that help them solve the issue at hand.

There are dozens of cult movies and shows out there, all of which attract billions of die-hard fans. You can use this to your advantage and create ads that feature characters, names, and other details associated with cult media.

propellerads_gaming_creatives_movies series

Emotional Targeting

There are billions of internet users, but less than 30 human emotions. This means that, at any given moment, there are hundreds of thousands of users who are feeling the exact same way. You can play on some of the stronger emotions and craft creatives that are relevant to a massive pool of people.

propellerads_emotions_gaming creatives

Stay Tuned to Learn More About the Best Gaming Creatives

The gaming vertical is not easy to crack, but with the help of native ads and the tips above, you should be able to craft creatives that reel in more conversions. If you want to learn more about the hottest industries, best ad formats, or our network, don’t hesitate to join our Telegram Chat!


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