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Case Studies

Rely on SmartCPC and Watch the Revenue Grow: 200% ROI Boost in 1 Month

We prepared a SmartCPC ad campaign case study from an AffLift user who wanted to boost ROI, drive maximum conversions and earn from push subscribers.

how to work with gaming vertical
Affiliate Marketing

Hack This Game: How to Work with Gaming Offers?

Do you want to earn money with video games? You can do that successfully as an affiliate marketer. But how to start? Which mistakes to avoid? Read here.

mobile gaming update for affiliates
Ad Trends

Mobile Gaming Update: What Trends Are Shaping the Industry Right Now?

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant trends that will help shape the future of the mobile gaming industry. The new iOS 13 was released earlier this month a...

gaming creatives for native ads
Affiliate Marketing

The Power of Psychology: How to Craft Gaming Creatives that Work

Here are 11 psychology-backed strategies to improve the performance of your native gaming ads. Consumers who are interested in gaming offers like to submerge themselves i...

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Insider: 3 Steps to Finding a Superb Gaming Offer

Games offers come in all shapes, sizes, and layouts, but all great proposals tend to share a set of characteristics. Advertisers, or the companies looking to market their...

PropellerAds - The state of mobile gaming
Industry News

The State of Mobile Gaming: A Closer Look for Affiliates

In this article, we’ll discuss the current state of mobile gaming, go over the most popular platforms, and look at the future of the industry according to the current t...