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Mobile Gaming Update: What Trends Are Shaping the Industry Right Now?

mobile gaming update for affiliates

The mobile gaming industry is one of those evergreen verticals that behave almost like a living organism. Sure, technology is one of the biggest drivers, but consumer preferences and details like the payment methods available have a profound effect on this particular field. And, every now and again, there’s a major evolution that drastically changes the way it sustains itself.

Affiliates and other stakeholders that work in the mobile gaming industry need to stay up to date with the latest trends to avoid falling behind competitors. That said, many of these movements begin simultaneously, so knowing which ones to keep an eye on can be tricky at best.

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But, it’s no time to fear, the mobile gaming industry update is here!

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant trends that will help shape the future of the mobile gaming industry.

Apple Arcade Gears Up for a Hot Start

The new iOS 13 was released earlier this month and one of the biggest updates is the addition of Apple Arcade. In simple terms, it’s a gaming hub that’s packed with quality games and costs $4.99 a month. And, it’s not full of random games from unknown developers. Instead, Apple is focusing on user experience, so they are curating a list of quality apps by reputable developers.

How will this affect the industry?

For starters, users are going to have a low-budget option that gives them access to hundreds of games that they can play freely.

Second, it can potentially devalue independent games that decide not to enter the Arcade ecosystem.

And, because Apple Arcade doesn’t allow in-app purchases, it’ll change developers’ preferred monetization structure. Not to mention the fact that the games are automatically synced between iPads, Macs, iPhones, and Apple TV, creating an overall great experience for gamers.

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Android Preparing Its Own Monthly Service with Play Pass 

As Apple’s biggest competitor, it’s normal that Android, owned by tech giant Google, is also preparing its own subscription mobile gaming service. The name’s Google Play Pass and it will also cost $4.99 per month (? surprise! ) and consist of a huge library of high-quality games.

While there is no official release date, Google has acknowledged the existence of the platform and announced it’s almost ready via Twitter – so stay tuned for more details!

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Android vs. iOS: Leader Reviews

Even though Android OS has more users, games in Apple’s iOS have traditionally generated more money. However, new predictions released by Newzoo claim that 2019 maybe the tipping point where games on Android and Android-based third party operating systems will claim 51% of the total market share.

In other words, developers can stop looking at Apple as the place to make money and balance out their efforts to cover more ground.

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How 5G Will Transform the Gaming Industry

5G technology brings break-neck speeds to mobile devices, which has the potential of changing the entire gaming industry landscape. Besides more complex games and higher-quality graphics, 5G will open the floodgates for cloud-based gaming services.

In the US, Sprint is already paving the way with their subscription gaming service that features a list of awesome apps, which should alter the way games are designed and created.

Most importantly, 5G provides for million connections per square kilometer. This capability to communicate massive amounts of data in near real-time will enable a new wave of connectivity and entertainment, paving the way for IoT devices and mesh networks.

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Gaming Market: Mo Money, Mo Competition

By 2026, the mobile gaming industry will be worth more than $58.18 billion, all thanks to the advancement of technology and the growing pool of smartphone users. Although Asia-Pacific is the biggest market, Latin America and other up-and-coming regions are also fueling the growth of the industry.

But, this also means that there is intense competition among the leaders as well as the developers trying to make the quality cut, which means you have to put a lot of focus on quality and originality. 

The mobile gaming industry offers a great chance to monetize and earn a reputation as a quality developer. That said, you also have to keep up to date with the latest trends to improve your chances of success.

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