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Tom Hooker

While working as a writer and marketing consultant for the past 9 years, Tom has also developed a passion for the world of affiliate marketing. With first-hand experience and a solid background in online marketing, he has a deep understanding of the different ad formats, offers, and other elements that affect the performance of an affiliate campaign. Tom also loves backpacking around tropical countries, listening to the boom-bap sound of old school hip-hop, and playing amateur rugby with his local team.

Customer pain points
Affiliate Marketing

No Pain, No Gain: How to Understand Your Customer’s Pain Points

Learn the top effective methods to identify and address your customer pain points for your campaigns success.

Secrets of Leadgen offers
Tutorials for Beginners

Leadgen aka Survey CPA Offers: Definition, Advantages, Best Verticals

What are Leadgen CPA offers? Let's learn the top verticals and explore the best tips for your lead generation affiliate campaign.

Top Tracking Tools
Affiliate Marketing

Keep Your Campaigns Sharp with these 7 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tools

Maximize campaign effectiveness with top affiliate marketing tracking tools. Optimize, analyze, and refine for superior results!

Do I need auto-optimization featured image
Tutorials for Beginners

Affiliate Myth Buster: Do I Need Auto-Optimization?

We’ll take a look at the benefits of using auto-optimization features and give you tips to help you understand when you leverage these in your campaigns

Mobile vs Desktop traffic
Affiliate Marketing

Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic: What All Affiliates Need to Know

What's the difference between desktop and mobile traffic? Let's explore it – as well as trends and strategies for top CRs.

how to run popunder campaigns
Popunder Ads

The Beginner’s Guide to Popunder Traffic + Real Offers Inside

Discover the essentials of popunder traffic with actionable insights and access to genuine offers. Kickstart your journey now!

Propellerads_AWE23_announcement image

Affiliate World Europe 2023: It’s Barcelona Time

Meet PropellerAds delegation at AWE23 in sunny Barcelona! We will eagerly tell you more about our new features and future plans

I-con island conference
Affiliate Marketing

i-Con 2023: PropellerAds Is Attending Cyprus’ Newest Affiliate Conference

i-Con 2023 is the affiliate marketing conference in Cyprus and PropellerAds delegation hopes to meet you there. Don't miss this event!

$563 in a week with click2sms
Case Studies

Affshark x PropellerAds: Click2SMS Campaign+ Popunder = 64% ROI

Discover the winning formula: Affshark x PropellerAds Click2SMS + Onclick, yielding a remarkable 64% ROI. Maximize returns now!

PropellerAds_Afiliados_Brazil_conference_attnedance image

Indo Para Lá: PropellerAds is Heading to Afiliados Brasil

Did you know that Afiliados Brazil is the biggest affiliate marketing conference in Latin America? Yes, and we will see you there soon

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