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Affshark x PropellerAds: Click2SMS Campaign+ Popunder = 64% ROI

$563 in a week with click2sms

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Affiliate marketing campaigns can be extremely profitable when you find the right offer and get the most out of it with a great traffic source. This was the case of a user who combined an Affshark offer and traffic from PropellerAds.

And we have the inside scoop — ready to hear all about it? The campaign gained 64% ROI within a week — but enough of spoilers, let’s review the case!

Basics About the Offer

  • Traffic: Popunder ads from PropellerAds
  • Offer: FR – WOW – PSMS – General – LP5 OneTime – Captcha Picture 
  • Period: 29/12/22 to 04/01/23
  • GEO: France
  • Spending: $870.72
  • Revenue: $1434.20
  • Profit: $563.48
  • ROI: 64.71%

The offer included a ready landing page with Captcha.

First, let’s start by analyzing the offer and how the whole idea came to be. 

Our advertiser was looking for some nice and profitable offer with an affiliate spy tool — and came across an interesting one from Affshark. After a quick research, he got it: this was a Click2SMS offer. 

What is this and how does it work?

Click2SMS Offers Explained

Click2SMS offers, also known as PSMS or Premium SMS, is a type of offer that generates money through text message payments. In other words, users issue payments by sending text messages, which take up money on their phone’s cash balance. With these messages, brands subscribe them to paid chats or SMS services.

The idea is that users issue payments by sending a text message to a specific number, after which money gets extracted from the mobile phone’s balance and sent to the brand that’s responsible for the offer.

The Advertiser’s Strategy

After finding out more about the offer, the advertiser joined Affshark and contacted an account manager. 

Tip from PropellerAds: don’t hesitate to contact managers at CPA networks — they can give you plenty of insights and tips on the offer you are going to run.

So, here is what the Affshark manager did:

  • helped our advertiser find the most profitable Click2SMS offer
  • suggested the best GEO with the most converting traffic — it was France
  • shared the optimal campaign settings: iOS devices/Popunder traffic/without a pre-lander
  • offered our partner several options for the captcha landing pages. He went for the one with the best performance — with cats photos on it 🐈.

Campaign Settings, Optimization and Results

So, our media buyer was ready to go! He went to PropellerAds to set the campaign because he was more than sure that this platform will bring him the most relevant traffic. Here is what he did:


PropellerAds Popunder traffic instantly began to bring high conversion rates. But this wasn’t enough for our client — and he decided to optimize the campaign on the same day.

Note from PropellerAds: we usually recommend to wait at least 24 hours for a campaign to run before our algorithm starts optimizing. 

Here is what he did:

  • Limited browser language targeting to only French language — it showed the best performance 
  • Switched off iPads traffic: it wasn’t converting well, as not all iPads have a sim-card and can send text messages
  • Found zones that didn’t convert and created a blacklist for them

Note from PropellerAdsBlacklisting and whitelisting is an irreplaceable feature when you want to strive for the best possible performance of your campaigns. It works very simply. You take your best converting zones, add them to a Whitelist, and create a new campaign with them. These zones become a priority, so you can safely increase the bids and be sure to get the highest quality relevant traffic. Found some poorly converting zones? Simply blacklist them, and you won’t get any traffic from them anymore — nothing will spoil your campaign performance.

Also, if you are using CPA Goal or Smart Optimization tools, our algorithms will optimize your traffic for you. 

After a week, the advertiser expanded the whitelist and then narrowed down traffic from only those areas. 

And here are the finals stats:


There was more than $870 spent and more than $1434 in income —  adding up to roughly $560 in revenue — a 64.71% ROI. 


In this case, the combination of an Affshark offer with PropellerAds traffic brought awesome results for the advertiser, especially because of the strategy in place. A lot of credit to the Affshark manager who coached the advertiser. Likewise, the advertiser did many adjustments and managed to succeed, so it was a great job all around. 

Stay tuned to find out more about successful cases or join PropellerAds to start crafting your own success story today!


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