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CPA GOAL for Push, Onclick & Interstitials|Fully Automated Optimization for Fine-Tuned Campaigns

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Exciting news: CPA Goal is now available on Push ads, Interstitial ads & Onclick/Popunder ads!

Growing weary of optimizing manually? We have developed a new bidding model to allow high-performing campaigns to get bigger or all chunks of available traffic and better prices. Meet the CPA Goal – an auto-optimization tool that helps drive conversions at the target price you set.

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What is a CPA Goal?

CPA Goal is a new generation of auto-optimization tools, based on machine learning and big data. The algorithm is able to predict what traffic segments are most likely to drive quality conversions at the desired price.

Because of the way more than 20 variables are processed, the optimization process is now capable of run-time adaptation: the algorithm checks every matching ad zone for high-converting traffic and prioritizes those with the best performance.

The CPA Goal technology is built atop of CPM bidding (CPC for Push & Interstitials), and advertisers are billed for impressions (Click for Push), while the system is finding converting traffic according to the desired CPA and targeting.

Propellerads - cpa goal - push campaigns

How does it work?

There are three parameters you should keep in mind when launching the CPA Goal campaign: the number of impressions (popunder) or clicks (push), the number of conversions, and your target price – CPA Goal. The CPM price (remember? Your campaign will be billed by impressions in case with Popunder, and by clicks, if you launch a Push campaign) will be calculated dynamically according to these parameters.

The major principle is:

➡️ The better your campaign converts (think: high CR), the more traffic your campaign is going to get.

Important! CPA Goal might not be the best option for promoting offers with extremely high conversion prices (e.g., deposits as a goal). If you still want to use CPA Goal for high conversion price offers, we would suggest adding intermediate objectives.

Traffic allocation

When you set up the CPA Goal campaign, the system starts to automatically optimize traffic sources, according to these rules:

  • The price for traffic should match the target CPA
  • The traffic should match the targeting
  • The traffic segment (a group of parameters, including GEO, OS, etc.) should convert well

In a nutshell, that’s how the system categorizes the traffic slices:

High-converting trafficAverage-to-low converting trafficTraffic not converting
The majority of traffic your campaign gets will come from these traffic segments.The minor part of the traffic volume.
*If the number of conversions is low, but the CPA Goal can still be reached; the price for such traffic will be cheaper.
The algorithm automatically freezes the slices that don’t deliver conversions at the target price.
*It’s done in an attempt to save your budget.

How are campaigns optimized?

Once the algorithm defines the traffic segments, it immediately starts to optimize campaigns according to the Conversion rate.

  • High conversion rate – your campaigns get most of the available traffic, according to your CPA Goal.
  • Low conversion rate – your campaigns get less traffic. The system will freeze the traffic slices where there are no conversions.

Note that optimization doesn’t start immediately. Once launched, your campaign will go through the testing period, which is required for the algorithm to collect and analyze data. During this period, the actual, real price and the target CPA may vary greatly. After the data is processed, the system will select the most effective real-time CPM bid (or CPC bid for Push).

Even after the campaign is launched, the CPA Goal (target price per conversion) can be manually changed. More details on how this algorithm works are here

How to launch a CPA Goal campaign?

 Launching the CPA Goal campaign is extremely easy; follow these steps:

  1. 1. Select the ad format
  2. 2. Choose CPA Goal as your pricing model
  3. 3. Set up your targeting
  4. 4. Set the target price per conversion (CPA Goal)
  5. 5. (Important) Prepare your S2S tracking

Have you already tried CPA Goal? Share your experience with us and fellow affiliates in the comment section below or in our Telegram Chat!


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