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Kira Vessiari

Head of Content at PropellerAds

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PropellerAds Passes ABC Brand Safety Audit in Flying Colors

Learn why we pay such attention to brand safety, how it impacts you, and find out all the essential details about the audit process

5 ways to fail ai creatives
Ad Trends

5 Ways You Definitely Can’t Generate AI Creatives for Ad Campaigns

We have tested AI creative image generators and proudly share with you our most epic failures. Plus tips and tricks for creating images

affiliate marketing beginners guide
Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

We’ve compiled an ultimate list of affiliate marketing tips and resources - articles, ebooks, webinars, etc. - essential knowledge

PropellerAds - ISAE 3000 audit image
Our News

PropellerAds Continues to Improve Quality Procedures: ISAE 3000 Audit

The ISAE 3000 shows that Propeller’s internal management processes are designed and implemented exactly as described in the report

multiformat cpa goal campaigns
Platform Updates

Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns: Automate Campaign Creation & Testing

From now on, you can take advantage of our new instrument: Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns, which lets you cut corners and speed up the testing

app for advertisers
Platform Updates

Explore Propeller’s Advertiser App for iOS & Android. Manage Campaigns On the Go

Effortlessly oversee campaigns with Propeller's Advertiser App. Control ads on-the-fly, optimize performance, anytime, anywhere

affiliate insights from AWG 2022
Industry News

The Biggest Shifts in Affiliate Marketing. Undisclosed Insights from AWG’22

Here’s the summary of what affiliates say in private conversations at AWG 2022 in Dubai. Read about the biggest shifts in affiliate marketing

In-page push notifications
In-Page Push

In-Page Push Notifications for Extensive Reach (with iOS traffic)

Expand your Push campaigns with a newly developed traffic type – In-Page Push. Let’s explore together how In-Page Push can change your advertising game

Propellerads - giveaway results
Our News

Propeller’s 10th Birthday – Giveaway Results

We would like to thank all those of you who participated in our birthday promo. You made our birthday so special - thank you!

Propellerads - Quiz - what do you know about Propeller

[Quiz] What do you know about Propeller?

Discover your expertise on Propeller Ads with our quiz! Learn, challenge yourself, and explore the world of online advertising!

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