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Social Traffic: 3 Case Studies from Utilities, Gaming, and Matchmaking Verticals


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Our newest feature – Social traffic type – is out in the wild, and we bet you want to see it in action and understand some basic principles of working with this traffic type.

So, how exactly can Social traffic targeting improve your performance?

We asked advertisers who have already tested the social traffic type to share their impressions and recommendations on how to get the ultimate results with this new feature. And, naturally, they shared case studies.

Social Traffic Type x Utilities

Our first advertiser decided to follow the recommendations we gave in our previous post strictly (seriously, we’re impressed) and launched a masterpiece utilities campaign.

He has been running this VPN campaign for a long time, testing different creatives and landing page options such as button colors and hero images, as well as pre-landers and app store pages as target URLs.

Once he had the perfect combination of format and creatives, we suggested scaling his campaign with a social traffic feature.

Here are the key details:

Traffic typeSocial
TargetingMobile, iOS
Bidding modelCPA Goal (With S2S tracking)
OfferUtilities (VPN)
PeriodApril 25 – May 15, 2024

Since the advertiser did not allow us to show his original creatives, we included similar ones to give you an idea of what was used.

propellerads  utilities-offer-creatives-example

Quick note: No matter what format or traffic type you use, you have the opportunity to target social browsers—Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram—in essence, links that open in social network browsers. For example, if you open the link, the page loads in your Facebook app. To do this, just go to Browser targeting settings and select the ones you need.


Knowing that our media buyer wanted to compare social browser targeting and social traffic type. He chose the Facebook browser for the first campaign and the social traffic type for the second. To test the waters, he allocated a smaller budget to try out the new feature.


As you can see, even though he got more impressions with the first one targeting social browsers (due to a bigger budget as well), the conversion rate of the second one, which only targeted social traffic, proved to be more effective. Quite a striking difference in the number of conversions and, more importantly, the conversion rate, which is 6 times higher for a social traffic campaign!

What are the key takeaways from this partner’s experience?

  • Use it for scaling successful campaigns
  • Run utilities with social traffic. It’s a match made in heaven
  • Don’t be afraid to run comparison campaigns: everything should be subject to testing and measurement to see how it works in your specific case

Social Traffic Type x Mainstream Social Vertical 

The next case is a social offer targeting Indonesia. The advertiser was testing the new traffic type with the expectation that it would be a perfect match for their offer.

And indeed it was. Let’s look at the basic details of the campaign:

Traffic typeSocial
TargetingMobile, Android
Bidding modelCPA Goal (With S2S tracking)
OfferSocial vertical
PeriodMay 10 – May 16

As in the previous case, the advertiser did not give permission for the use of their creative, but here’s a rough approximation of what it looks like:


Once the campaign was launched, our partner was in a constant state of awe. He certainly didn’t expect immediate results and such a high conversion rate – almost 4%!


Here’s what he had to say about our new feature: “I always test new features, but it usually takes me a few days to master the feature, tweak it, and see its true potential. It’s surprising to see conversions right away. Will definitely continue testing on other campaigns.”

So, what do we learn here?

  • Take your well-performing campaigns and select GEOs with lots of traffic
  • Sometimes, even a very short test can bring spectacular results
  • Using a CPA Goal model, give the system a day or two to learn to see much higher traffic volumes in the next days

Social Traffic Type x Gaming

And one more case that is certainly worth your attention. Our partner with a gaming offer also decided to give social targeting a shot. And he didn’t miss.

Have a look at the campaign details:

Traffic typeSocial
TargetingMobile, Android
Bidding modelCPA Goal (With S2S tracking)
PeriodMay 1 – May 16

Our advertiser got a whopping 5.5% CR in less than two weeks. And let’s not forget that he was targeting one of the most expensive and competitive GEOs out there — the US.


The partner told us: “We are now planning to scale other existing campaigns to social.” 

What was done right here?

  • Target a Tier-1 GEO. Why did he do it? Because his campaign had been tested, and he knew it would work.
  • Patience. Our advertiser didn’t go all in with the budget, so he didn’t get immediate results. However, he gradually improved his campaign to achieve this sky-high CR.

As you can see, social traffic targeting really does deliver on its promises: fast results and exceptionally high conversions on a variety of verticals. Time to see for yourself?

Target Social Traffic

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