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Social Traffic Type is Here! Say Hello to Unforgettable Conversion Rates


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While everyone understands the value of social users, only some have honed the skills needed to attract and engage social traffic. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had already done this job for us: to attract the most engaged audiences from Facebook, Instagram, and other socials?

Oh wait – Propeller just did! 

Meet officially the hottest feature of this season – Social Traffic targeting.

What is Social Traffic Type?

The Social Traffic Type is an Onclick/Popunder targeting that allows you to easily reach exclusively ad zones with social traffic from the most coveted networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


You can already find this targeting on the Self-Serve Platform (SSP) in the Campaign Creation tab. Select the Popunder ad format and scroll down to choose from the available traffic types: Websites, Direct Click, and now Social.

There is no longer a “Popunder” option in traffic types. Why?

We have significantly improved the division of Popunder traffic into traffic types, making it more convenient and more logical for our partners.

Now, the user selects what he thinks fits his offer best: traffic from websites, Direct Click traffic that includes top Popunder zones with audiences that express interest in offers similar to yours, or traffic from social networks.

Why Should You Target Social Traffic?

As you know, we are all about making life easier for media buyers. That’s why we decided to help your campaigns get the highest quality traffic for the best results.

In a nutshell, here’s why social traffic targeting is a tremendous idea:

  • Get real social traffic without the limitations and restrictions that social networks impose on ad campaigns in certain verticals.
  • Achieve up to 2.8 times higher conversion rates compared to regular Popunder traffic. Read more about this below. 
  • No creatives required other than the landing page.
  • Get your conversions quicker and pay off your traffic investments faster with highly engaged audiences.

How Our Experts Suggest Using This Targeting

We reached out to our in-house team of optimization experts to learn more about this new feature. Here are their recommendations for effectively using social traffic targeting.

  1. Use it for scaling

Got a high-performing campaign? Our specialists say, “Scale it with social targeting.” 

Previously tested campaigns with consistently positive ROI allow you to reach a broader audience. Duplicate your campaign to social traffic and take advantage of fresh, engaged users by increasing bids and optimizing sources separately.

  1. Test new offers faster

Got a new CPA offer? Evaluate its performance faster with social traffic targeting. Because the social audience is extremely active, you can get a clear picture of whether an offer is a gold mine or a no-go more quickly.

  1. Launch completely new verticals

Since the nature of users is different from regular websites, social users tend to be more engaged with apps, games, and lead generation, to name a few. This makes social targeting a great opportunity to expand your portfolio of offers.

Hot Stats: How Social Traffic Type Performs

Conversion rates

The average conversion rate of the Social Traffic type is 2.8 times higher than the performance of Popunder traffic.

But the sky is the limit, especially when you run utility offers, where the conversion rate reaches 4.2% (about 7 times higher than Popunder (RON)*.

*Run On Network (RON)


According to multiple tests, these are the top-performing verticals with the highest conversion and click-through rates:

However, keep in mind that not all verticals were covered by the tests. It means that even if your offer/product belongs to a different niche, it can still work beautifully with the social traffic type.


Which GEOs should you target when running campaigns with social traffic type? We have detailed statistics to answer this question:

GEOAverage CR (%)


Another crucial aspect is the choice of platform targeting. Our experts confirm that the majority of social traffic is coming from mobile – 83% of traffic.

In other words, make sure to target Android and iOS.

FAQ: How Social Traffic Targeting Works

We bet you want to know about this bombshell feature! We have prepared a list of questions and answers. But if we missed something – feel free to ask in the comments section below or in our Telegram chat.

– There is no longer a “Popunder” option in traffic types. Why?

We have made the division of Popunder traffic into traffic types more logical: now the user selects what he thinks fits his offer best: traffic from websites, the crème de la crème of general traffic (Direct click) or traffic from social networks.

– What are the differences between traffic types?

We define sources according to internal criteria.

  • Websites option – where we have the largest volume of traffic: users click on your ad link, and your ad opens in a new browser tab. The websites traffic type allows you to run campaigns on different sources, including sites that may contain social traffic.
  • Direct Click – a special type of traffic that includes the top-performing zones, where users have expressed their interest in your type of offer. The specially designed filtering system we have developed for Direct Click ensures that you get the best-performing traffic. The limited volume is due to the exclusivity of the traffic and its exceptional performance.
  • Social – traffic from social networks. Users see your ads when they click on our partners’ links on social networks. Again, the audience is highly engaged, and performance is high.

– What social networks are there besides Facebook and Instagram?

The list of social networks is constantly being updated (including some regional platforms), so we cannot provide a complete list.

– Are there additional targeting options for social traffic?

Yes, popular targeting is available: country, OS, device, you can blacklist, whitelist zones, etc. In addition, predictive models will help you determine the traffic that is most likely to convert with your offer.

– Is it possible to choose a specific social network?

We recommend one of the tools that will help you narrow down your targeting and get more impressions in converting zones: whitelisting as well as blacklisting to exclude non-performers.

Given the similar behavioral factors, we recommend targeting all social traffic. However, if you still want to target social networks separately, there are social browsers, but be careful: this type of targeting will greatly reduce the volume of available traffic.

– Is it possible to create audiences for retargeting?

Of course! You are free to create your own audiences.

As you can see, our new feature is a real showstopper. But don’t take our words for granted, experience the high conversions and lightning-fast results for yourself. It is time to harness the power of social audiences!

Try Social Traffic Targeting

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