As always, PropellerAds blog is here to help you dive deeper into digital advertising and answer all of your possible questions to hold your ad campaigns more thoughtfully.  

Considering numerous requests we have received from you, dear readers, we decided to cover an absolutely crucial topic – ad zones and ways they can help you buy traffic. What are zones, subzones, and how to manage them efficiently? Make yourself comfortable and let’s get all this straightened out.

Setting the stage: what are zones and how do they work?

In simple words, zones are diverse traffic sources, which can be a website, placements on a website, where ads are displayed, partner traffic sources, ad networks, and more. 

Also, by means of zones, website owners segment their traffic into different types. And as an advertiser, with PropellerAds you can manage zones and work with those that are suitable for your offer. 

For instance, at PropellerAds, you may rely on advanced algorithms for auto-optimization or else – manage zones manually. 

Tip: zone/subzone management is a must when you work with CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, and SmartCPC models. It is also available for CPA Goal, but due to its high-tech algorithms, this pricing model is capable of dividing traffic into slices pretty efficiently without manual settings. At the same time, to test new products in already-known verticals on CPA Goal, you are recommended to gather black and white lists before. 

As always, PropellerAds blog is here to help you dive deeper into digital advertising and answer all of your possible

Example of zones in practice

An owner of multiple websites can use various zones to segment his audience (traffic) by interests. Or else – by means of ad zones, a website owner can divide users who stayed on the main page and those who have discovered more sections. The principles of this division can vary, depending on the owner’s preferences and aims. 

Here is how ad formats appear around zones:

As an advertiser, you can track the performance of zones where your ads appear, see how they perform, and manage them to optimize campaigns and reach higher performance.  

And what are subzones?

Subzones allow even more precise traffic division. They are extremely useful for those who buy traffic. Subzones divide traffic into numerous audiences, who definitely are different and behave in their own way. 

As always, PropellerAds blog is here to help you dive deeper into digital advertising and answer all of your possible

Why do you need zone management? 

You need to manage zones and subzones to optimize campaign performance, because they heavily influence your further results. 

To simplify everything said before, we would even suggest perceiving zones/subzones as different websites. What do we mean? Well, different audiences visit different websites, right? The same works with zones. For some zones your offer will be relevant and therefore – will show exceptional performance, while with other zones it won’t work at all. 

As always, PropellerAds blog is here to help you dive deeper into digital advertising and answer all of your possible

Zones and subzones allow you to test traffic, understand which of them bring profit, and adjust your strategy and budget accordingly. Knowing which zones work and which don’t allows you to invest money smartly without spending for zones that don’t bring expected results.  

How to manage zones/subzones?

For zone management, there are blacklists and whitelists. Blacklisting and whitelisting in your PropellerAds account looks this way (find it in the Targeting section):


Basically, if a zone/subzone doesn’t bring conversions during a testing period, well, you just exclude it and stop wasting money. 

Plus, at PropellerAds, you may manage zones and subzones in the Statistics tab, where you can see their performance and make well-thought decisions. When you launch a campaign, you already have white and black lists, as such – feel free to exclude and include them regarding their efficiency. 

Now you know exactly how zones and subzones can help you make the most of your budget and optimize your campaigns in the best possible way. So keep this function in mind, use our powerful Subzones optimization tool, and let your profit grow!


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