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Banned campaigns and advertisers in 2023
Platform Updates

Still No Mercy for Fraud: Banned Campaigns 2023 [Infographics]

Our policy team works 24/7 to protect our traffic from any scam, fraud, and illegal content. Look at our annual banned campaigns report!

Do media buyers need media planning? What is a media plan?
Tutorials for Beginners

Ask Media Buyers: Do I Need a Media Plan? 

What is a media plan and do you need it as a media buyer? We asked PropellerAds partners and they shared top media planning insights.


Media Buying Trends 2024: Top Predictions from Industry Leaders [FREE PDF]

Feeling hungry for exclusive content? How about downloading our FREE PDF on media buying trends 2024? Insights from nine industry leaders included.

How to add your media buyer certificate to LinkedIn
Media Buying

How To Add Your PropellerAds Media Buyer Certificate to your LinkedIn account?

Passed PropellerAds exam and got your media buyer certificate? Awesome! Now it's time to share it with your LinkedIn contacts: here is the guide

Propeller ads media buyer certification.
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PropellerAds Media Buyer Certification: Become a Certified Expert

PropellerAds Media Buyer Certification (MBC), an assessment test to evaluate your skills with our multisource campaign management platform

10 questions to a media buyer
Guest Expert

10 Questions for a Media Buyer: Video Interview with Deehan Domingus

Discover expert advice from Deehan Domingus in this insightful video interview tackling crucial queries for media buyers. Don't miss out!

Propellerads_what_are_ad_zones image
Tutorials for Beginners

What is an Ad Zone and How Does It Help You Buy Traffic?

Ad zones and subzones - what are they and how do they work? Read this article with examples and illustrations to expand your knowledge

PropellerAds - Chinese New Year 2023
Ad Trends

Chinese New Year 2023: Verticals to Target 

If you’re also thinking about running a Chinese New Year-themed campaign this January, then you’ve got the right idea